K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016

K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016
K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016

Most recent announcement (No. 17) of the Secretariat of “IranPlast 2016” (since now IP’2016) in conjunction with publication of other news at the official website (http://www.iranplast.ir) of the so-called Exhibition, show that both the Organizer and the Secretariat Offices of IP’2016 are duly active -even- during the long vacations/holidays of the Iranian’s New Year (usually 16-20 days for the private sector and at least 10 days for the state offices).

News published at IP’2016 website is informing of the organization of an informative conference managed by the official agent of “Messe Dusseldorf” in Iran (Fujan Rahbaran Aati  Co.) during the exhibition period. The conference will be held on Thu. April 14th. 2016 (the 2nd day of the IP’2016 Exhibition) at the “SADAF” conference meeting room of the “Khalije Fars=Persian Gulf” exhibition hall located at the west wing of the “Tehran International Fairground” (the following image shows the exact location of the exhibition hall).

K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016
K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016

According to the “published news” of the IP’2016 website and the contents of an invitation letter which has independently been circulated by “Fujan Rhabaran Aati Co.” among many Iranian companies, the Conference will comprehensively cover an informative introduction (including many initiatives and innovations) of the next “K 2016” Exhibition which is due to be held in Oct. 2016 (19-26th). Based on the Conference agenda scheduled for 14:00-17:00 April 14th 2016, two top expert managers of the K Show will share their latest information and views with the audience and also will answer any question raised by the participants.

Mr. “Erhard Wienkamp” (a famous figure in the plastics & rubber world and one of the top executives of the K Show) and Mr. “Ulrich Reifenhäuser” (A famous German machine manufacturing company owner and CEO and the head of the Policy Making Committee of the K Show) are the two speakers of the Day.

The following wide banner of the K’2016 Conference as an important sideline of IP2106 is cropped from the news published at the “IP2016 Website” and the following photos are the historical photos of the Conference’s main speakers. Left, Mr. “Ulrich Reifenhäuser” during a bus trip scheduled for the K’ 2007 Journalists Trip and the Right, Mr. “Erhard Wienkamp” in a meeting with PIMI’s CEO at PIM Stand in IP 2014.

K2016 onerence Banner


Ulrich Reifenhäuser-2007 K'preview

WienKamp-Saatnia 02


Furthermore, via the context of the announcement no. 17 of the IP’2016 Secretariat, both the exhibitors and the visitors of the IP’2016 have been informed of the opening and the working hours of the IP’2016 management and organizing offices during the New Year’s holidays. Based on this announcement all exhibitors and visitors who have any left behind registration process paper works and/or have any questions with respect to their demands can call or meet with the Organizer’s staffs everyday from Sat. March 26th till Wed. 30th (09:00 am- 14:00 pm)  at the address introduced in the announcement (http:

Wishing a great success and considerable achievements for IP’2016 Organizer, PIMI Portal hopes for disclosing of the exhibitors’ names and info at the Exhibition’s website like any other famous and accountable international exhibitions.


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SADAF: In Persian language “SADAF” means “SEASHELL”

Release Date 25 March 2016

K2016 Introduction An Important Sideline of IP 2016
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