KRAIBURG TPE Americas Opens New Facility in Georgia

The Americas subsidiary of Kraiburg TPE has moved to a new regional headquarters and production facility in Buford, Georgia, the US.

KRAIBURG TPE Americas Opens New Facility in Georgia
Kraiburg TPE Americas new regional headquarters and production facility in Buford, Georgia, the US.

The new building occupies 69,000sq ft, with the potential to expand by an additional 150,000sq ft for future growth. Along with the additional space, Kraiburg has also increased available production capacity by over 40% with an annualized potential of 10,000 tons of finished thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

It represents the largest capital investment outside of Europe by the Germany-based Kraiburg.

“The cornerstone of our efforts over the last 10 years have been focused around supporting our long-term growth potential,” said Jeff Frankish, Managing Director at Kraiburg TPE Americas. “The major elements of transition and transformation experienced throughout 2016 have equipped and positioned our team very well for the next several years.”

“Now that our new facility has been fully functional for over six months, and thanks to the strength and support of the global Kraiburg TPE team, we are optimistic that 2017 will continue our pattern of solid growth and earnings.”.

Source : China Plastic and Rubber Journal

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KRAIBURG TPE Americas Opens New Facility in Georgia

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