Last Day of Chinaplas 2017 and Voting in Guangzhou

Last Day of Chinaplas 2017 and Voting in GuangzhouLast Day of Chinaplas 2017 and the Voting in Guangzhou: Today is the 4th and the last day of the Chinaplas 2017 and we are still receiving the news of our correspondents. one of these news is voting of the Iranian visitors of Chinaplas in the Iranian Consulate at Guangzhou.

َThe last day of the Chinaplas 2017 was coincided with the Iranian presidential election and due to this the high Consulate of Iran in Guangzhou has prepared herself for the possible voting of the Iranian visitors. Their guess was right and a group of the Iranian visitors preferred to vote rather than use of almost half of the last day of the exhibition to visit many more.

So far the website of the exhibition has not announced the official figure of the fair for the whole period, so will continue here with the hot news of the 33rd International plastics & rubber exhibition of Chinaplas 2017.

Chinese welcoming of BDP Iran 2017 Brochures (above photo)
During the exhibition  a huge number of the “BDP Iran” Conference was distributed among related stands and some visitors, and as far as reports and photos show there have been  an interesting welcoming by Chinese to the subject so we hope te 1st Iranian Conference on the subjects of bioplastics and disposables would have some few more than expected the Chinese guests.
Automatic pressure air forming machine
The machine can achieve positive and negative pressure forming, relative to the traditional plastic molding machine has the advantage of rapid prototyping.Suitable for a variety of thermoplastic sheet,For example: CPET, PP, PLA, PS, PC, thickness from 0.2 ~ 2MM.Molding speed 25 times / min,The largest die size is 870*670MM,The largest sheet width 950MM,Operating pressure 6 bar.The machine has the functions of forming, punching and stacking,Suitable for the production of soup lid, fruit packing box, electronic tray products.The machine is fully automatic production line,Fully improve the production efficiency, reduce labor costs, can achieve clean production.The machine is highly integrated electrical control,Operation interface Humanization, visualization,Lower energy consumption.
Exhibitor Name:Dragon Smart Machinery Co.,Ltd
BYK has developed a unique additive, BYKO2BLOCK-1200. It is based on a platelet-forming, modified clay additive that has been developed specially for use in foodstuff packaging films. During processing (compounding), the separated platelets are distributed equally in the polymer matrix, thereby bringing about a reduction in the permeability to gases and water vapor. Tests in the BYK laboratories have shown that even adding a small quantity of BYKO2BLOCK-1200 (3 – 5 %) can achieve a significant improvement in the impermeability towards gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, without changing other properties such as the mechanics or transparency. Moreover, BYKO2BLOCK-1200 also improves heat deflection.
Calendering Grade TPU for Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather
 Advantages: 1. It can substitute for PVC/PU synthetic leather and can be applied by existing equipment directly to reduce your conversion costs. 2. It is a Eco-friendly material and has many advantages including no cruelty kill animals for leather, nontoxic when processing, improve working environment for employees by effectively reducing harmful substances such as DMF and recyclable to get the effect we want including ecological conservation, environmental protection and making employees healthy, etc. 3. End-users can use the products which is made by our materials without worry about solvents and other toxic residues . In addition, it can create people’s positive impression on the products to enhance your brand value. *Features: quick plasticization, easy to process, non-stick rollers, good transparency, hydrolysis resistance, halogen-free flame retardant, good hand feeling. *Applications: synthetic leather, sheet and leather, luggage, automotive interior, leather for furniture.


CCM24, compression moulding machine for the /production of plastic caps. The CCM24 will feature a mould specially designed for single-piece AB29W-mm HDPE (high density polyethylene) caps for water, weighing just 1.3 grams.
Exhibitor Name:SACM
1. W1B: ultra low temperature nylon toughening agent, glass temperature -70℃, excellent impact property at low temperature -50. 2. B2: low VOC, low odor PP compatible, good compatibility, excellent dispersion. 3. W5F: Polyester super dispersible compatibilizer. 4. G6:ABS/PBT, PET/ABS, PBT/ASA compatibilizer.
Tech-Long’s fifth generation of blow molding machine was developed with the most advanced stretch blow molding technology in the world. High pressure air is used to blow and stretch the PET preforms into containers. The CPX series has many advantages including, high level of automation and intelligence, superior and consistent product quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption making it the perfect machine for PET containers’ production for various type of liquid products. Single Mold Capacity Water bottle—2250-2400BPH(≤0.6L) Heatset bottle—1800BPH(≤0.6L) CSD bottle—2000BPH(≤0.6L)
De-moulding strokes from 14mm to 52mm. Eliminates the need for high-precision angled housings in the core plates. Complete flexibility for the moulding insert dimension. Big savings in time & cost for machining and adjustments. Significant reduction to the ejection stroke. “Mirror” parts available for 1 plus 1 cavities moulds. Vertical function maximizing strength. Smaller and less expensive injection machine required. Easy for big angle undercuts, make molds design simple.
dsX™ Technology
The new dsX s-tretch™ line for cast film is the first in-line pre-stretch cast film line of its kind enabling processors to: • Produce stronger, thinner film with greater efficiency. • Advantages include a comprehensive, flexible and pre-configured design, and a smaller footprint at two meters wide to simplify installation start-up. This line is capable of processing ultra thin films at speeds up to 1,000 meters per minute. With the addition of the dsX s-tretch™, Davis-Standard augments its existing dsX™ technology for medical tubing, extrusion coating, and blown film. The dsX™ machines have been well received in Asia due to a competitive advantage in price, performance and delivery. Demand in Asia has been especially strong for the dsX med-tube™ and dsX flex-pack™ due to continued growth medical tubing and flexible packaging applications.
Exhibitor Name:Davis-Standard, LLC
ECO-COLOR® no flow lines, analogue spraying, stereoscopic aglimmer plastic
As a high-performance environment-friendly decoration material, ECO-COLOR® no flow lines, analogue spraying, stereoscopic aglimmer plastic was widely used in household appliances, automotive interiors and exteriors, packaging and daily chemical products.
Last Day of Chinaplas 2017 and Voting in Guangzhou
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