Latest News from TehranPlast Exhibition Shows Fast Improvement

Latest News from TehranPlast Exhibition Shows Fast ImprovementReports published at the “PIME” website confirms that: According to the “TehranPlast” executive office, the final coordinations has resulted in dispatching of two large commercial delegations from Iraq and Afghanistan, to visit the 2nd TehranPlast exhibition.

Based on consultations and communictions two major commercial companies from Iraq and Afghanistan will visit TehranPlast this year. Representatives from Pakistan will be more likely to visit the TehranPlast Exhibition, according to agreements. Thus, it can be said that the dispatch of three foreign delegations to TehranPlast exhibition has been finalized so far and it is expected that other communications will result in more delegations’ visits to this fast developing exhibition.
According to the officials from the TehranPlast’s Executive Office, there were also correspondences with the Caspian sea’s bordering countries’ Chamber of Commerce and also the other northern neighbors of the country, including Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. After the finalization of the information agreements will be announced.
It is scheduled for this year that the information related to the foreign delegates and their fields of activities, to be published on the exhibition website so that the visitors can have the possibility to have more detailed planning to meet with these delegations.
The exhibition secretariat also announced that it is trying to invite a delegation of Syrian businessmen and activists to the exhibition for the first time after almost seven years of war in Syria. The efforts of the TehranPlast Executives Board is that the Syrian industrial activists have a strong presence at this exhibition.
It should be noted that the Syrian state now needs reconstruction after nearly seven years of civil war and can become one of the target markets for exhibitors in various fields. Theses efforts have started in various fields, and this trend of the exhibition directors could be judged intelligently and prospectively.

In general, the TehranPlast Trade Fair will be a unique occasion for the  presence of businessmen from neighboring countries and the region as markets available to activists and exporters of the plastics industry.

The 2nd TehranPlast Exhibition will be held on Jan. 23-26 of 2017 at the “Shahr-e Aftaab” Exhibition Center.
The monthly Plastics Industries Magazine has arranged a detailed interview with the CEO of the “Aresa Trade and Event Company” that will be published at its December issue.

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Latest News from TehranPlast Exhibition Shows Fast Improvement

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