The Latest Review of Iran Petrochemical Supply on Aug. 22nd

The Latest Review of Iran Petrochemical Supply on Aug. 22nd

Easy money earning  from brokering business and money laundering with it, in comparison with the production of the plastics goods with the same raw materials is now accustomed in Iran. What can media do for it, is, publishing the facts; some may be interested to join the market, and some may try to prevent form this market. Our policy is to publish the facts.

Considering the fact that the German entrepreneurs are very interested into our market, these are the reflects of the Iranian polymer market during the end of the last Iranian week’s polymer deals!

PET bottle grade

On Aug. 22nd 2017, PET Grade 731, which had not been offered for several weeks, was exposed to the market. Also, grade 781 saw a 516-ton increase in supply to hit 2518 tons of previous offers. During the Last (this) week,  1012 tons of grade 825 was offered, same as last week. All in all, this week (Aug. almost last or the end of the 3rd. week) witnessed  a total supply of 3618 tons, about 848 tons less than last week’s 4466. The supply cut by the producer will exacerbate the existing heat over the product.

LLDPE:  Shazand’s  “209AA” grade. witnessed a supply cut of 200 tons, to hit 800 tons for the week. But the firm has also offered 100 tons of the product as powder.

HDPE Extrusion and Pipe grades:

Jam’s grade S5000 supply increased by 2552 tons to hit 3003. Also, the firm offered 3003 tons of EX3, a move that will help the market. However, the company did not supply any PE100 pipe HDPE. Shazand’s EX3 saw a supply cut of 500 tons, which stood at 1000 this week. BL3 witnessed 1001 tons of supply boost which hit 3003 tons.

Grade 52505’s supply improved from zero last week to 2002 tons this week. Also, 3003 tons of grade 52518 was put on sale, the same as last week. 5110’s supply stood at 880, 330 tons lower than last week’s.

Mehr’s grade F7000 witnessed a supply cut of 616 to stand at 902 Grade. Ilam offered 506 tons of grade F7000 after a period of no show. R552 of Shazand’s supply lowered 550 tons to stand at 700.


Grade E6834 was not supplied. The supplier had been discontent with the market which had been in normal situations for some time. It had kept its supply at 66 tons per week. However, despite last week’s 110 ton demand, the supplier refrained from supplying in an attempt to create more heat and maybe a critical situation over the grade where buyers would go for competitive prices. This grade had been dealt at a 20-percent price ceiling in the current fiscal year (since March 21).

Grade 65 of Abadan’s supply stood at 500 tons. This came at the time when the factory had not supplied grade 57 for two weeks in row.


The Latest Review of Iran Petrochemical Supply on Aug. 22nd

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