In Brief: Legal Advises, Claims & Defense, Contract Review & Drafting, License, Joint Venture, Registration are part of Services which We Offer/Provide for your safe Business in Iran.

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To fulfill its goals, the ‘law in Iran” section of “PIMI” is divided

into three main sub-menus:

PIMI Iran Law Office

PIMI Global Law Office

Curved Library

and each section has its own duty and own mission, in order to pave the way for all non-Iranian business community for business partnership with their Iranian counterparts or even just doing their own business independently in the ready to welcome the non-Iranian investments country.

PIMI Iran Law Office:

This sector is directed by a group of lawyers co-operating within “Saatnia & CO Law Firm” centralized at its headquarter office located at the most important business hub of Tehran, and is responsible for all legal considerations including: Legal advising (face to face or online); Claim & Defense (in the courts); Contract review and drafting (EPC, EP, Supply, License, Joint Venture, etc. (Please refer to the relevant section);

PIMI Global Law Office:

This Sectoral Office, which is responsible for all legal considerations on behalf of its global customers that might have an interest lose or the one that is going “to be created” in Iran, doesn’t have a centralized office and rather, has  cooperating branches in few countries in the world, and would be expanded very fast in near future. Lawyers (no matter from which nationality) are and will cooperate with “PIMIGLO” in order to defend the customers of “PIMIGLO” in Iran and so many countries in the world. For “PIMIGLO” neither the nationality of the customers nor the location of the court room could be determinative. The goal is the final smile of the customer when has got the winning docs in his/her hands. (Please refer to the relevant section);

CURVED Library;

An important factor for all lawyers, active under “Saatnia & CO Law Firm”‘s umbrella, is the customer knowledge. Many attorneys in the world may like low knowledge customers since they believe that this may result in higher income. However, in “PIMI”‘s principles, customers with higher general and even specific knowledge can be defended more successfully, with less time and energy to be spent on documentation and court rooms. This is a principle at “PIMI”‘s “Law in Iran” sector and the five year record in 2020 will show the trustee of our principle. “CURVED Library” will provide the reliable (if not the best) sources of increasing the “PIMI” viewers whether or not they be accounted as a customer. (Please refer to the relevant section);


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