Law in Iran:

Any single step in the civilized, but very complicated, business world needs “LAW”. As a “rule of thumb”, nobody should initiate: Any business; Any joint venture; Any marketing; Any offer or request; And any business negotiation without personal knowledge of law and/or without a lawyer, and normally most people respect this rule. But the problem is that how much one may deeply know the “LAW” in his national/international business activities? The fact is that in the business world, there are few pure people/ sometimes “nations” who point to the “RIGHTS” of their business counterpart. Before the final signatures, your face to face business negotiator has no obligation to warn you about relevant “Codes, Edicts, Rules, , Regulations, Rights, Initiatives, Agreements Legislation, Statutes [in short: “CERIALS” and “3Rs”] and even some mandatory forms that sometimes are obligatory to be filled in” and about your rights.

PIMI.IR”, “under the oath of its prophecy and philosophy together with a new approach to the “CERIALS” and “3Rs” as the vital basis and might to protect any business deal and making its practicable as fast as possible in the Globalized Iran” has also opened this new door to the users of this portal. You can refer to the relevant form at ????, fill it in and send it to us. We will verify your case and respond shortly.

Our Slogan: We sit beside you for success not in front of you for defeat