LG Installs First Overseas OLED panel Line in Guangzhou

LG Installs First Overseas OLED panel Line in GuangzhouAfter the very interesting news (the 2nd one here from LG as the news SOURCE) about the installation of the largest in the world OLED wall in Dubai (UAE), the published news (Our source: Chinese CPRJ International from the Adsale group) about an hour ago, says that: “LG will inaugurates its first OLED production plant of LG in Guangzhou, China”. An important fact is that the LG company’s success is due to fast developments of polymer technology and processing techniques. The reason for this news publication.

The report says:

LG Display, the world’s largest LED panel maker, will expand its Guangzhou, China factory to include production of OLED.

The company outlined plans recently to invest KRW 1.5 billion on OLED production in the next three years, an area which its rival Samsung holds more than 90% market share, a Reuters report said.

LG is expected to increase capacity of its G10.5 OLED line in South Korea. It will also install new production lines for G6 POLED, leading to an additional 30,000 sheets per month. In addition, the company is said to be installing G8.5 OLED panel line at its Guangzhou, China factory, making it the first OLED production site outside of Korea. It will add 60,000 sheets per month of capacity once it commence in 2019. Total investment will exceed KRW 7.5 billion.

LG also intended to increase capacity of large-size OLED production in Guangzhou due to growing demand for screens in TV, according to the report.

The largest OLED screen in the world:The largest OLED screen in the world:

LG Electronics (LG) announced the unveiling of a video wall signage in Dubai that has the distinction of being the largest OLED screen and the largest high definition video wall in the world. Located in Dubai Mall adjacent to the Burj Khalifa, the mega-sized video wall was created using 820 LG Open Frame OLED signage panels. LG partnered with Emaar Entertainment, operator of the Dubai Aquarium, on the record-breaking project.

“LG is revolutionizing the way commercial space is designed and used because its pioneering slim and curved OLED technology is an iconic piece of art itself,” said Kwon Soon-hwang, head of Information Display at the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Our Dubai exhibit is an example of how LG digital signage products add harmony to a space in addition to being an innovative solution that today’s B2B customers demand. It’s fitting that this breakthrough screen is being shown in the largest mall in the world next to the tallest structure in the world.”

OLED is often referred to as the next-generation display because it is emissive technology, meaning that the display emits its own light, eliminating the need for bulky and inefficient backlighting. This results in superb images with the deepest possible blacks and life-like colors as well as wider viewing angles than conventional backlit displays.

The use of LG’s Open Frame OLED signage at the Dubai Aquarium is particularly fitting because the curved form factor of the display follows the undulations of flowing water. LG Open Frame OLED signage can be configured into both convex or concave curves in both landscape and portrait modes, blending into any public and private space.

LG Installs First Overseas OLED panel Line in Guangzhou
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