No Problem for Americans to Invest and Cooperate with Iran

No Problem for Americans to Invest and Cooperate with IranAfter signing the “JCOPA” deal, the Rouhani Government faced with several conflicts here in Iran, starting from the Suprem Leaders’ Office up to the most hardliner newspaper of Tehran (Kayhan). Though, the community spent a night to celebrate end of sanctions, there were people who spoke against it at Mosques and other religious gatherings. However,  President Rouhani himself, stood and tried to suffer all pressures.

Due to these circumstances, one area which could have never been touched, was the Americans. The Leader was not happy of any public speeche about the Americans, working with them, inviting them and whatsoever! During that period, from the other and, the Oil Minister and his Deputy, had to send reports about what’s going on in the Oil and Petrochemical industry, specially with regards to the Americans.

Although, during about two years of publishing the travelling news of tens of foreign delegates to Iran by media, none of them dare to publish any news about incoming/outgoing of Americans, but by now, it seems that the scenario is changed and accordingly the deputy to the Oil Minister and the managing director of NPC, a couple of days ago,  declared in a public news conference that: “Some of the giant American polymer and petrochemical companies have announced their interests for their presence at in the Iranian market”

In this issue, Marzieh Shahdaei, confirming that Iran has not imposed any limitation on the American’s to cooperate with the Iranian petrochemical industries, also announced: “The European branch of the American Honywell UOP company has offered two new cooperative proposals to Iranian PC industry”.

Confirming that some the American companies have the most modern and updated technology in the fields of polymers and other petrochemicals, she also added: “Here within the Oil Ministry and the NPC, we have neither any limitations to co-op with American companies, nor, any article or ratified law for such a purpose against working with American comapnies”.

She alsi confirmed that: “During the sanction period, the American companies had several barriers for investment and technology transfer but the situation is changed now and there is a good trend for them to return back to the Iranian petrochemical industry”

Pointing to the start of negotiations between the American UOP with some Iranian PC companies, she added: “The so called company has never had any cooperation with Iran in its history, but now, UOP is negotiating about two projects of MTO and MGE through its European branches.

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No Problem for Americans to Invest and Cooperate with Iran
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