Parslen ZR348T Data Sheet from Navid Zar Chimi

Parslen ZR348T Data Sheet from Navid Zar Chimi

Parslen ZR348T is a nucleated, random PP co-polymer with anti-static characteristic produced by the private petrochemical company: Nazid Zar Chimi Ind. Co. The company offers different degrees of polymers and co-polymers and is well established in PP products.

The material offers very good flowability and excellent transparency and organoleptic performance. This material within the range of PP products of “Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Co” is used for thin wall products which usually demanded by packaging industry.

High transparency and organoleptic properties are one of the most desired characteristics in the packaging industry which, according to the PR released by the NZC company, can fulfill the requirements of the injection moulded packaging.

The data sheet shown at the above image refers to part of the most important characteristics of this material.

About Navid Zar Chimi:

Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Company, a private joint stock company, was established in 1999 to meet the increasing demands of polypropylene products both for local and international markets. Located in Bandar Imam special Economic Zone, Khouzestan Province, the plant is fence to fence to the Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company olefin cracker. The production facility was commissioned and started up in september 2004.

Parslen PP is the registered trade name for our polypropylene produced and marketed by Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Company.

Parslen PP is manufactured under the Spheripol process introduced by BASELL (Montell) which is the most advanced technology in the production of polypropylene. The categorization of Parslen PPcan be placed in three broad groups: HOMOPOLYMERS; RANDOM COPOLYMERS; and HETROPHESIC COPOLYMERS. Upon specific applications, these can further be subdivided into a wider spectrum of grades with different additives and MFI offering our clients with the widest range of products to suit their needs.

Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Company with the capacity of 160,000 MT/year is utilizing the leading process technologies around the world to develop products that enhance the quality of life.

In addition to supplying the local market Navid Zar Chimi (NZC) has been actively exporting its products to China, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and other destinations. There has been wide acceptance of the quality of the products by NZC.

NZC holds ISO certificates for:

  • ISO 9001: 2000
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • OHSAS 18001: 1999
  • ISO/TS 29001: 2003

This indicates the companies aspiration for achieving high goal in management, quality control, safety and environmental issues. The company has been awarded the “green industry” certificate for two consecutive years.

Parslen ZR348T Data Sheet from Navid Zar Chimi
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