PIMI Finished PLAST 2018 Successfully, Waiting for the Next Edition

PIMI Finished PLAST 2018 Successfully, Waiting for the Next Edition
Mrs. Eva Rugenstein the press officer of Messe Dusseldorf andMr. Saatnia the CEO 

On the eve of June the 1st 2018, the PIMI’s CEO and his temporary employed staff for runing the PIM Publication Group’s stand at hall 11 of PLAST 2018, said good bye to each other, they were happy of the exhibition’s outcome for the group. This may have been less convincing for some other exhibitors that almost their stands were empty of visitors. The following report is a comprehensive short report about the total exhibition’s outcome.

Like all exhibitions in the world, when our team asked from different categories of exhibitors that how was the result of exhibition for you? we received 4 ready answers: Fantastic, Good enough for us, Not bad, and no result. So, we had decided to check the answers, possibly, country by country. First starting with the Iranian exhibitors, mainly from the Government side in coverage of private petrochemicals, we received the expected answer: “It was very fantastic for us with a lot of positive promises for the future”. This answer from a bunch of stands which had covered about 850 net sqm of the Iranian pavilion, is always expected from the stands which their expenses are paid from the national budget and their staffs are also paid several extras from the same budget and so they have to say that: “It was fantastic”, but the photos say something else. lets have a look at the Iranian petchem stands:

PIMI Finished PLAST 2018 Successfully, Waiting for the Next Edition  

Among Iranians there were also 3 more stands which were really belonged to the private sector. This group showed a positive+ sign for their participation at PLAST 2018. Including our media (PIM Publication Group under the flag of PIMI). In the view of the staffs temporarily employed to run the stand at the abscnense of the PIMI director which had own duties and meetings, it has been a fruitfull event and at least they have reported that if there will be another same exhibition, they are interested to cooperate with PIMI.

During the 4 days of the exhibition PIMI stand was visited by several visitors that didn’t have any idea bout Iran, also few journalists from other countries who had a background of friendship with the PIMI’s CEO.

to be continued in future days.

PIMI Finished PLAST 2018 Successfully, Waiting for the Next Edition

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