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PIMI Global Law Office

Founded by A.A. SAATNIA, the CEO of many polymer related publications, the “Central Law Office of PIMI” became operative in 2001, and is now headed by Pooneh Saatnia and her colleagues which are post graduates of the most famous state universities of Iran.

Because of his vast experiences with international Industries and drafting of so many agreements, contracts and defense bills and statements based on Iranian and International laws, A.A. Saatnia is working as the top adviser of “PIMI Law Office” for industrial cases.

He has several university degrees from Iran and several other countries, and several training courses in the technical parts of polymer processing from European countries as well as Canada and USA.







Pooneh Saatnia” a post graduate of “International Law” from the “Faculty of Law” of  “Shahid Beheshti University” (Former National University of Iran) in 2004 and the Graduate of “Law” from the “Faculty of Law and Political Science” of “University of Tehran” in 2001, has acquired her lawyer’s license from “Iranian Central Bar Association” in 2005 and operated her independent law office in Tehran.

She later joined a group of 6 Iranian lawyers in another office. So far she has successfully defended more than 100 cases including two mandatory “Assistance Criminal Cases” per year since 2005.

Pooneh Saatnia is now heading a group of “Iranian lawyers“, but she also works on behalf of newly founded “PIMI Global Law Office” with her two very close friends in this sector.








Dr. “Shadi Oyarhosein” acquired her PhD degree in “General International Law” from “Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University” in 2012, her Post Graduate degree in “International Law” from the “Central Unit of Azad University in 2004, and her Graduate degree in “Law” from the “Faculty of Law and Political Science of “University of Tehran” in 2001. She started her professional activity in “Iran Mercantile Exchange” in 2002 till 2004, and then acquired her lawyer’s license from “Hamedan Bar Association” in 2004.

Dr. “Shadi Oyarhosein” is an expert in contracts, agreements, trade statement bills, and all related fields in Iranian and International law, with special skill in English language.

Since 2004 and after leaving Iran Mercantile Exchange“, she has been working professionally in the Middle East’s number one and the Iranian greatest holding in energy section: “MAPNA“.






Farid Hoseinan Tehrani” is a post graduate (MBA) of “Urban Management” from “Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University” and a graduate of “Mechanical Engineering” from Central Tehran Branch of Islamic Azad University“. He is not directly a lawyer, with any law related academic education, but he is an expert in drafting and editing agreement, because of his professional job history.

He has worked as the technical manager of the Iranian company “Chooma” (2000-2004) active in the fields of CNC, Binding Machines, Wood Working  and other machine tools, then has moved to “Benvid White Cement Co.” to head the Technical Office of this famous white cement producing company till 2009, and finally he has been the MA of the contracts of “MAPNA” till now.

Being at this position in a giant energy group, his cooperation with “PIMI Global Law Office” paves the way not only for arbitration or any “ADR” of any “PIMI” subscribers, but also helps the new non-Iranian business owners/partners to initiate their business contracts/agreements in Iran, or with their Iranian counterparts.


The “PIMI Global Law Office” is now ready for verification of any legal cases of this portal’s viewers, either via filling in “THIS FORM” or by direct contact with this group of young but very expert colleagues of “PIMI Global Law Office” at:

Mr. A.A. Saatnia: [email protected]

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Ms. Shadi Oyarhosein: [email protected]

Mr. Farid Hoseinian Tehran: [email protected]

Please be informed that “PIMI Global Law Office” has contracts and agreements with about 9 more active attorneys in different parts of the world, but at this moment, they have their own “Personal Excuses” for not to be introduced at a website which is launching from IRI. This means that, no matter that where is your case happening, it is enousgh that you send us a “SOS” message by filling in “THIS FORM“.