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PIMI.IR Table of Advert Price Base

All prices are based on the total number of pixels used for an advert (ex: one 100*100=10.000 pixels has 10 units for final price calculation)

Since Jan 1st. 2018, all prices will be calculated in Pound Sterling and other basics for calculations remain unchanged.

Each 1000 pixels= 1 Unit per 1 Month = l Pound Sterling







Min. Period



Position Rate





( per month)

1Left & Right Fixed Banner

(320 x 340 px)

PO – Home34066.00652,80
2Core Position QrCodes AdsP1- Home15064.0090.00


31st half Home Page

(728 x 120)

P2- Home100-18063.00262.00 – 393.00
4Top 1st left Column-

Home Page

(728 x 120)

P3L- Home


100-14062.80201.60 – 282.24
5Right Only Position Top

(300 x 300)

P1R – Home250-35035.00375.00 – 540.00
6Top 2nd left Column-

Home Page

(728 x 120)

P3L – Home100-18032.60189.28 – 340.70
7Right 2nd Position

(300 x 300)

P2R – Home250-35024.00300.00 – 420.00
8Other Top Columns Before News (728 x 90)P4L – Home90-15022.50163.80 – 273.00
9Other Right Positions

(300 x 120)

P5R – Home120-30023.50126.00 – 315.00
10Top of Footer01

(1200 x 90)

P6F – Home90-15034.00432.00 – 720.00
11Top of Footer02

(728 x 90)

P6F2 = Home90-12024.00262.08 – 349.50
12Scrolling Adverts at the bottom of Events’ Read section *

(200 x 200, shown from1st Jan. 2016)

P7FE = Home100-20032.0040.00 – 80.00
13Top of Footer 03:

A) 300*100, B) 600*100, C) 800*100, D) 1200*200

P8FTA – Home

All possible positions at homepage footer area

100-30033.50105.00 – 840.00
14News Feed Page (International)

(Items 5, 7, 9, 10-13 available)


News Page Int.

100-30024.00- 6.00***40.00 – 900.00
15News Feed Page


(Items 5, 7, 9, 10-13 available)


News Page Iran

100-30024.00-6.00***40.00 – 900.00
16Events’ Feed Page


(Items 5, 7, 9, 10-13 available)


Int’l, Iran Events

100-30032.530.00 – 750.00
17All other pages**

(International -Iran)

(Items 5, 7, 9, 10-13 violable)


Other pages

100-30011.520.00 – 500
18Event News Advertorial100.00

(per event)

19Special PR Insertions + Links150.00

(per PR)

20One Annual Page

Per company, Per Year + Special Menu Indexing


(per year)

21Special Page on Business Directory (Annual) + Logo(s) & LinksSPBD100-300
22Special Links (QRCodes at ADS in Home Page)SL-QR’sPer link
23All Other Positions Negotiable

Notes of the table:

* To keep equality, this scrolling advert position is under further re-construction;

** PIMI reserves the right to change tariffs for any other pages without pre – announcement, but the rights of the advertisements’

orders prior to any price and paid changes are fully respected;


Price Calculations:

To calculate the exact price of your advertisement(s), Multiply “dimensions” of your advertisement X  “PM” and “PR” and  and divide it by 1000, then you will got the exact price of your advertisement for the whole period of its publication.

Ex: You have an advertisement of “300 x 300” pixels dimension, and you want to publish it for “5” months at position “7“, to calculate the price, it is very easny that you do the following simple calculation:

{(300 x 300) x 5 x 4.00}/1000= 1800.00 Euro.

This is the price of your advertisement of 300 x 300, at the “Right Position” of the “Home Page“, for, “5” consecutive months (the rate is “4.00” Euro per “1000” pixels).

Discounts and Credits:

* All adverts ordered and paid for extra months, added to the minimum period(s) for acceptance of the advertisement  receive 1% discount (as a credit line) for their next advertisement ; As an example, the above advertisement receives “3%”= Euro 54 for its next advertisement.

* All advertorials with scientific and technological development in content, receive 10% discount

* All other requested discounts are subject to negotiations and approval by Central Promotional Office of PIMI


* All advertisements are subject to PIMI.IR’s “Terms of Use and Regulations . For advertisements special attention must be paid to the” PART” II of these regulations;

* Items 01-13, and other positions defined are based on a PC Lap-Top Landscape Monitor, setting to: “1360 x 768” pixels resolution,  which shows only the upper Editorial, 6 news columns, one news title with excerpts, One and a half “728 * 90” left columns and one Right hand side (300 * 300) adverts.

* All prices are ex tax, and any regional tax will be added by local agents

* All prices are subject to change without advance notification. Paid adverts or reserved adverts with partial payments are excluded;

* For any question, please write to [email protected]


Central Promotional Department