Contacts for Every Aspect

(that’s why you are here)

This is a “HELP” page only for knowing abbreviations of “MELONS

(For more specialized Contacts with PIMI Departments)


Contact Services (before named as: Postal services) are the heart of this portal, because for example with a pumping rate of 60 beats/minutes (60 posts received from users), we can pump 1.440 feeds per day to the “” bloodstream. We have started with 2 beats per day and we will try to reach to a high pumping rate, because we believe in “Polymer Blood” for the global development.

Users have 4 main categories of posting services to send their news for us (ABUA) which is using different post delivery “FORMS“: A: Announcements, B: B2B, U: Universal Posts, A: Advertisement Posts.

Announcements: for announcement of 5 categories of feeds (MELON), which stands for five further “FORMS“: M: Media News, E: Events News, L: Links News, 0:Opinion Posts and S: Simple News Post

B2B: for creating a direct business relation

Universal Posts: for any feed that we have not been able to predict. The relevant “FORM” is designed with several boxes (few of it has * which means you have to feel it in. But the form gives you possibility of inserting a variety of info, file, so on>

Advertisements: for ordering your banners, text, advertorials, whatever which will result in expansion of your business, not only in Iran, but in the world.

Waiting for your feeds!