Practical Guide of Noise in Plastics Processing Industry Due in October

Practical Guide of Noise in Plastics Processing Industry Due in October

Smithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Noise in the Plastics Processing Industry: A Practical Guide : According to the new PR of Smithers RAPRA, an updated and revised version of the the book which was first published at 1985 is due for release in October.

This is an updated and revised version of a book published by RAPRA in 1985 ‘Noise in the Plastics Processing Industry’. The original version provided guidance to managers and engineers in the plastics industry on ways to reduce high noise levels in the workplace, in order to reduce risk of noise induced hearing damage to employees. Practical methods for reducing noise from industrial machinery in general were described and then illustrated with 25 case studies all relating to plastics processing machines such a granulators, shredders, extruders and injection moulders.

Noise control techniques described include standard noise control measures such as enclosures, silencers and the use of sound insulating, sound absorbing materials, use of vibration isolation and damping. Most of these techniques have not changed since 1985, however one new technique is now available – the use of active noise control methods. The scope of the revised text has been extended to include chapters on environmental noise, European Union machinery noise emission regulations, hearing protection and prediction of noise levels, and the design of quieter workplaces.

A new chapter of case studies has been added which reviews many already published case studies and introduces some new ones.

About Smithers RAPRA

Smithers Rapra is a global leader in rubber, plastics and polymer testing, consulting services, and conferences, training, publications and market reports, focused mainly on the tire, industrial, automotive, consumer and medical industries.
Smithers Rapra encompasses what was previously Rapra Technology Ltd, established in the United Kingdom in 1919 and Smithers Scientific Services, established in the United States in 1925.


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Practical Guide of Noise in Plastics Processing Industry Due in October
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