Quite Foam a New Concept in Iran Construction Industry

Quite Foam a New Concept in Iran Construction IndustryThe “Mazeroon  Foam industry group, the largest producer of foam derivatives in the country, which has been operating in the industrial city of Bashl Savdakouh (Mazandaran Province), has been working on producing goods, which has created a huge transformation in the construction industry.


The new product of Mazeroon Foam Ind. Group has the brand name of “Aram Foam” (could be translated as Quiet Foam) is designed and manufactured by an opinion presented by the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation of Mazandaran province. The advantages of this product are in building the exact implementation of sections 18 and 19 of the National Building Regulations.
Engineer Mohammad Mehdi Mohammadi, Managing Director of Mazaroon Foam Industrial Group, at the beginning of the ceremony organized for productivity of this new product, appreciated the elders and supporters of the Mazandaran industry sector, including Mr. Eng. Asghari, Managing Director of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare of Mazandaran Province, Mr. Rahgosha, Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Development of Mazandaran Province, Mr. Gholinezhad, Deputy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Housing Foundation , Engineer Hassanzadeh, deputy head of the provincial engineering organization, and other engineers and audiences, expressed grave and regret at the city authorities who were not present at the opening ceremony and apologized to the exhibitors as a Mazandaran citizen.
In the following, Engineer Asghari, Managing Director of Mazandaran Social Work and Social Welfare, spoke and argued that “our craftsmen and our producers, despite all the problems in the field of production and economy, were able to maintain their independence and if they were not growing, they would have been able to keep their work forces” And with the emphasis on the naming of the year 96, the year of the Resistance Economy, he said that all officials of the province appreciate the entrepreneur’s and kiss their hands.
Mazeroon Foam Industrial group is one of the largest producers of foam products in the country and is proucing products is groupd including; PE foams, EPS foams, Disposables.
Quite Foam a New Concept in Iran Construction Industry
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