The Record Breaking Iranplast Exhibition will Host 200 European Exhibitors

The Record Breaking Iranplast Exhibition will Host 200 European Exhibitors

In a pre-exhibition interview the Director of the fair, Mr. Reza Khalaj, said the reporters that this edition of Iranplast will host about 200 exhibitors from European countries. This figure is only from the European countries and the total number of non-Iranian companies are far further from this.

The director of the 11th IranPlast exhibition, referring to the businessmen ‘s visitors from at least 24 countries in the world, announced that merchants from African countries will come to Tehran this month also.

Speaking to the news headquarter of the 11th Iranian International Exhibition of IranPlast, Reza Khalaj said that:  in the current situation, neighboring and the Middle East region countries are the most important export markets for the country’s petrochemical downstream  industries. He also added, “After the Middle East, some African countries can also be among the customers of products, machinery, technical and engineering services of the activists of Iran’s petrochemical, plastic and polymer industries.”

Director of the 11th IranPlast Exhibition, stating that according to the motto of the 11th IranPlast Exhibition, this year, with the aim of diversifying the export markets of downstream industries of petrochemical units, in addition to visiting Tehran in purpose of Iranplast by the commercial and economical departments of the world’s plastics industry, merchants and businessmen from Africa will visit the IranPlast exhibition.

This member of the 11th IranPlast Policy Making Council, pointing to the business trips of two African countries, Ghana and Kenya, to Tehran to visit IranPlast, said: “To date, 9 delegations from the commercial and trade departments of the plastics industry from Iraq , The Kurdistan region of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Oman, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia have been finalized.”

The head of public relations office of NPC also announced the visits of business delegations from Sri Lanka, Germany, Romania, Serbia, France, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Kenya, Syria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Turkey, Ghana, Qatar and Italy. Additionally, the directors and board members of K Düsseldorf, Germany, Afghan Plast, Arab Plast, PLAST of Milan, South Africa, Vietnam, Kenya and Sri Lanka will also attend the 11th IranPlast Exhibition.




The Record Breaking Iranplast Exhibition will Host 200 European Exhibitors
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