Reported from CHINAPLAS 2017 by PIMI Correspondents

Reported from CHINAPLAS 2017 by PIMI Correspondents

Reported from CHINAPLAS 2017 by PIMI Correspondents: Two PIMI correspondents are sending reports from China. The one vetran is Dr. Soheil Samie (above photo with Stefania Arioli of ASSOCOMAPLAST of Italy, also now is cooperating with BDP Iran 2017 as the head of the scientific committee of BDP Iran Conference) who has sent us a lot of info  about the new concepts and subjects in this fair.

In accommpanying each other the colleagues also visited deverl special stands, including those who have been missioned for like visiting ASSOCOMAPLAST (The above photo: the right man is our Dr. Soheil Smie). By the way they have colected a lot of new interesting points for the readers.

According to the reports at the end of the 2nd day teh total number of 56347 visitors visited the exhibitionn almost 13% of it from abrod. But as a total for the two days the number of the total visitors for the two days became. 97.181 visitors from which more than 23% of this figure belongs to foreign vissitors. The best are the following titles for today:

2000mm Latest Fully Automatic High Speed Cast Stretch Film Machine

1.Based on 30 years professional skills and continuous improvement, ChangLongXing Machine becomes a top tier technology products. 2.The multiple edge material will be successful recovered through a smoothly running recovery system of this high-speed unit, the recovery system have a high recovery rate. 3.Unwinding and wear paper tube to synchronize,shorten the time of change roll, for a time of about 28-30 seconds, 2-3KG small film volume can be produced in the case of high speed rolling. 4.Fully automatic four shafts to change rolls, high speed,high output. 5.The big cooling roller and strong double layers vacuum box ,the great combination to make good cooling ,to produce good high quality stretch film.

3 meters wide Four Shaft Winding Cast Stretch Film Line
This line is equipped with the newest 4-shaft winder with 25-second change cycle. It can online produce both 3″ core and 2″ core hand roll, without rewinding again,saving more than USD40,000 per year only for the labor cost.

Reported from CHINAPLAS 2017 by PIMI Correspondents
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