RIGK and EPRO to Host Agri-film Recycling Conference

EPRO and RIGK will hold its second International Recycling Forum, on “Agricultural Plastics – Potential for Recycling“.

The event, from 26 – 28 April 2017, will be at the Dorint Pallas hotel, in Weisbaden, Hesse, Germany, and will build on the inaugural conference in 2015, which brought together 120 attendees to discuss agricultural film recycling.

This symposium will provide information about current national initiatives, the state of the art and trends in recycling agricultural plastics. There will be an accompanying exhibition to showcase innovative products and services in the recycling sector.

The conference will feature a keynote speech from Professor Helmut Maurer of the European Commission, with an evening reception at Eberbach Abbey, a winery featured in the 1985 film ‘The Name of the Rose’.

Jan Bauer of RIGK, said: “Growing demand for foodstuffs from the world’s population means we must always be striving to improve efficiency in growing animal feed and field crops. Plastics products such as agricultural films, netting and yarns, irrigation systems, packaging for plant protection products and fertilisers or hygiene products have a valuable contribution to make here.

RIGK and EPRO to Host Agri-film Recycling Conference

All players must aim to organise as much used agricultural plastic as possible to be safely recovered, exploiting the significant potential for recycling of these materials. Our second symposium will again present tried and tested solutions, suggest possible options and provide encouragement to take action.”

The conference is in English, tickets are €646 (£545), visit www.rigk.de/en/forum for programme and registration.

Source : eppm

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RIGK and EPRO to Host Agri-film Recycling Conference

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