Short Version of Iran Polymer Market Price on Sept. 30th

Short Version of Polymer Prices In Iran Market on 30 Sep.This week, at the end of Sept. and like the other last couple of weeks, we couldn’t see imposition of any specific formula or traditional method of definition of polymers base prices by PDID Office of NPC.

Actually, at the announced prices by the PDID Office of NPC, it does not seem that the well-known formula of this institution has been used to discover the prices of commodities and all other types of polymer grades. What is absolutely obvious is that almost all polymers have had either declined prices or if there has been any increase, the amount could have been negligible.

A number of polymer materials were unchanged in new prices and their prices remained at the same price as last week. The film grade of HDPE, ……

The full version including price table is published as: Iran Polymer Market Prices Don’t Show Too Much Changes

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Short Version of Iran Polymer Market Price on Sept. 30th

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