Six Sepro Models Displayed at the Sverital Stand in PLAST

Six Sepro Models Displayed at the Sverital Stand in PLAST

Six robots are exhibited by Sepro at Plast 2018 on the stand of its Italian distributor, Sverital (C61/D62, hall 22).

A Sepro-Yaskawa 6X-70L 6-axis robot with Visual 3 control performs several important functions in an automation cell intended to demonstrate the integration of innovative technologies and products from different companies in a single working cell designed and built by Sverital Automation. The cell produces an inspection mirror that incorporates a PA 66 S/30 support and a thermoplastic elastomer grip. The articulated arm robot removes the moulded part from injection-moulding machine and positions it on a rotary table for secondary operations – including adhesive mounting of the mirror and laser marking – and then unloads the finished device before the cycle repeats.

The 6X-70L is the smallest of a range that can service injection-moulding machines from 20 up to 5000 tons. The unit on operating at Plast 2018 has a working payload of up to 5 kg and has a reach of 895 mm.

Offered in partnership with Yaskawa-Motoman, Sepro-Yaskawa robots provide an attractive balance of power, efficiency, agility and economy. Sepro’s premium Visual 3 control platform, which was developed specifically for injection moulding applications, has an intuitive, graphical interface and supporting features that make it easy to program and operate even complex 6-axis robots.

Other Sepro Cartesian robots on the Sverital stand include:

– a Strong 40 LD, a robust and economical solution for moulding machines up to 1000 tons, and a smaller S5-15 perform together in robot ballet. The Strong unit is manipulating a Volkswagen Tiguan grille, and S5-15 handles a Ducati motorcycle part;

– a 5X-25 is being shown handling Volkswagen wheel covers. Its 5-axis configuration, which adds the precision of a 2-axis Stäubli CNC wrist to a standard 3-axis Sepro Cartesian structure, enables the beam robot to handle technically demanding parts at high production speeds;
– a Success 5, the smallest 3-axis-servo (CNC) robot in Sepro’s product line, and an S5 Picker, which features a Cartesian-beam design with 3 servo-driven axes, are being shown together in a demonstration of dexterity involving moulded iPhone cases.


Six Sepro Models Displayed at the Sverital Stand in PLAST
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