Smuggling Polymers to Borders Has More Benefit than Production

Smuggling Polymers to Borders Has More Benefit than ProductionPurchasing some polymers like PVC from IME and exporting it to Iraq and Afghanistan, even through smuggling has more benefits than converting it to the PVC products. This is the opinion of some market analysts that you may read it here below:

The PVC market analysts in Iran believe that most of PVC buyers on the stock exchange are using the lot for its smuggling to the countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Their reason is the cost-effectiveness of exporting the actual products at the present situation for the Forex and the daily announcements of the Government for “how to deal with Forex”. If you export your products via the legal channels, then the only way for you to have your money in Rials only and Rls. 42000 per 1 US$, is to bring your money from your exports back to the country and selling it to the banks, otherwise you will be listed as a smuggler.

According to another petrochemical analysis website, although the base price for PVC has been deceased in this week (Click Here), but most experts believe that during the week, there will be even competition for PVC trading and transactions, because much of these supplies will be smuggled. Some traders also say that: ” Since export of domestic produced PVC to border markets can have Rls. 4000/Kg for shoppers so most vendors tend to compete for the PVC purchasing.

At the same time and following the new Government orders for Forex market control, the petrochemical companies are in a pending situation for announcement of their export prices; something that they are blamed for!

In one hand, they have to return back their incomes to the country and sell it to desired banks for Rls. 42.000 per US$, and on the other hand, it seems that the foreign exchange market has not yet accepted the Government’s formula for US$ fixed price. It is said that due to these conditions, the tendency to sell products in petrochemical companies is reduced and only resent vending buyers benefit from the existing conditions.


Smuggling Polymers to Borders Has More Benefit than Production
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