Technical Building Certificate Awarded to Iranian Made Geomembrane

Technical Building Certificate Awarded to Iranian Made GeomembraneHemareshtan Industrial Group obtained a Technical Building Certificate from the Road, Housing and Development Research Center. This credible certificate has been granted to this company due to production of geomembranes during last three years.

According to the PIM report from the company, they believe: “This time, utilising the skills of our specialist staff in 3 years of continuous activity in the field of geomembranes, we managed to get the TBC Award from the Road, Housing and Development Research Center (RHDRC).
Geomembranes are flexible polymer films and sheets that are mainly used as a barrier against leakage of liquids and vapours, and therefore have diverse applications, including in water and wastewater, mining, tunnel, and building insulation.
According to the results of studies and experiments conducted by the RHDRC, the non-reinforced PVC geomembrane product of the Homareshtan Industrial Group with a thickness of 52.1 mm, complies with the technical standards accepted by that center. So the centre awarded the technical certificate of this product to the Homareshtan Industrial Group.
This technical certificate that exclusively issues by the RHDRC is a supportive legal act document indicating the conformity of the performance and quality of materials, goods, products and construction systems with the criteria defined in the national building regulations. Also, the technical certificate is a reliable means of identifying the highest quality products of the country to consumers, in this way, in addition to supporting top manufacturers, it is a guide to the selection of approved quality of construction products.

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Technical Building Certificate Awarded to Iranian Made Geomembrane
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