TehranPlast Exhibition More Innovative Oriented for Iranians

The first Iranian made all-electric machine will be unveiled at TehranPlast exhibition. In an interview with the Plastics Industry Magazine (issue no. 335), Dr. Ali Khaksar (the CEO of the organizing company) has called the TehranPlast exhibition as an evolution to the Iranplast. But now, with daily news publication about the 2nd TehranPlast many may change their minds, because the news show that the exhibition visitors may be surprised by several unveiling of the Iranian innovation; something that was missing during the last 4 editions of Iranplast. The following news is one of our remarks.

1- The first All-Electric Machine will be Unveiled at TehranPlast

It seems that the first Iranian made “All-electric” machine will be unveiled at the 2nd TehranPlast exhibition (23-26 Jan. 2018, Tehran’s Share-Aftab Fairground). The machine is made by one of the very old machine manufacturer and importer, the “Techno-Kar” machine manufacturing factory.

The so called factory has been established more than 40 yeas ago by Mr. Mohammad Zamani, one of the pioneers of machine manufacturing in Iran. The company was established to produce injection moulding machines, however, due to the market demands stated to import two Chinese brands of injection moulding machines since 2007 till 2017. During this period the son of Mr. Zamani senior (Saeed Zamani) grew up and decided to follow the father’s way.  But as a young generation he looked to the future and found the future of the injection moulding technology in all-electric machines.

The factory started to study and investigate and then to design and build the first Iranian made all-electric injection moulding machine. According to Saeed Zamani, the CEO of the innovative Techno-Kar company, they have planned to launch the first ever All-Electric machine at TehranPlast.. This machine has a 60 tons toggle and is priced at 100 million Toomans (about US$ 24.000). You can read more in the interview with Saeedd Zamani:

“Till 2006, we used to introduce plastic injection machines with our own brand. Then, we imported two Chinese brands from 2006 to 2016. Also on an appropriate time, we branded ourselves on Chinese machines, which became known as the Chinese Techo-Kar. During that period, we imported about 50 to 60 Chinese injection moulding machines and more than 500 mills.

Since 1995, we stopped imports and started researching for the production of an all electric machine, which is done for the first time in Iran. This machine has 80% energy savings, 100% water saving, 100% elimination of hydraulic oil, and elimination of gas chillers. Also we can add to all of these advantages the high precision of these machines.”

Saeed Zamani adds:

“The world is heading for the production of all-electric machines, because these devices are very clean devices. The war in China has started over the production of these machines and the market will move. It is a fact that, many manufacturers in the world like to install and operate all-electric machines in their factory. With this trend, the new generation of plastic injection machines will surely be Al-Electric machines.”

The first generation of All-Electric Machines in Iran (Techno-kar Co.) will be unveiled at the next TehranPlast Exhibition.


TehranPlast Exhibition More Innovative Oriented for Iranians
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