The BDP Iran 2017 Conference Ended with Considerable Outcomes

The BDP Iran 2017 Conference Ended with Considerable OutcomesThe second day of the BDP Iran 2017 Conference was held today Nov. 1st, 2017 at the Hall of Fame of the Iranian Institute of Polymer and Petrochemicals Research Centre.

At first there were not a lot of participants in the conference hall, but by the time passed there were was added audience to the conference. Then the Conference conductor asked the first speaker to present his content to the audience.

Engineer Hamid Hamed Mousavian, a professor at the Scientific/Practical University and Responsible Manager of  the Plastics Industry Magazine, took the stage and explained in detail with the slides on the subject “PVC additives for medical and health applications of Bio Plasticizers in PVC Formulation.” .

Then Miss. Atefeh Nejati, at her time, spoke about “Reviewing the PEEK Polyether in the role of a biocompatible plastic”.

A noteworthy point about the second day was the presence of more experts in the hall. To the extent that they all carefully followed up the articles, and although the number of audience fell down to 82 in comparison with the 116 participants of the first day, the present ones were all purposeful and knew for what purpose they were attending at the conference.  In fact, in plain language, blind participant could not be seen among the audience on the second day, and this was more and more apparent from the volume and type of session ends.
Following was Ms. Sara Tabashi and engineer Iman Feiz Abadi’s turn. The subject of the Ms. Tabaashi, director of quality control at Khatam Polymer Laoratory was, “Preparation of New Biodegradable Composites Based on Polyethylene / Nanoclay / Starch and Immigration”. But the subject of the speech by Engineer Feizabadi, director of product development at Ramo/Alibert Co., was completely different. In fact, Mr. Feizabadi’s speech, entitled “Industrial Design of Disposable Products Based on Sustainable Design Principles”, was distinct from all the speeches that were presented during the two days of the conference, especially since it was dynamic and moving. On a par with age, they got their own story very interesting.

At the second part of the conference, Salaheh Saaneie Nia, Chief of Khatam Polymer QC Lab. remarked about “The use of oxygen adsorbent in food packaging to increase the life span of these materials.” using PowerPoint slides as a supplement to her speech.

The next speaker was Mrs. Helen Abdullahi Far, which presented the subject of “Preparation of starch biodegradable polystyrene materials”. It should be noted that Mrs. Abdollahi Far is director of the Kerman Khodro engineering department.

The last one who brought the presentation to the audience was Ms. Anahita Kavousi. She participated in the conference from Shiraz Azad University. The topic of her lecture was “A study on biocompatible silco-olefin copolymer and its applications.”

After the end of the lectures, the Q&A panel configured by Engineer Ahmad Ali Saatnia, Dr. Rassol Orurmieh,  Engineer Ale-Agha,  and Engineer Hamid Mousavian (Now the responsible manager of Plastics Indusrty Magazine), and this last session of the Conference started. Questions were first raised. The plurality of questions, as well as their challenge, led to the length of time for which this section of the program was intended, and extended beyond its original definition. But technical issues, as well as inquiries about the associations, other formations, criticisms and suggestions to the organizer of the BDP 2017 showed that despite the slight decrease in the number of present members, the quality of scientific and industrial knowledge of the audience was much higher than that was expected.

The main outcome of the Conference could be summarized as follows:

1- The introduction of the first Iranian made bio-poylmer with the trade name of “Ö5 Biokas”. This material is now under production phase at “Sanaye Plastic Khoozestan” (SPKH) and will be commercialized for the Iranian markets in few months;

2- It was understood that due to a serious drought in Iran the use of disposable products will save the purified water sources and prevents flowing of highly phosphates carrying cleaning waters enters the sewage systems;

3- The Iranian producers and consumers are really aware of the environment hazards of plastics wastes and also the values of using bio and ready to be degraded materials

The 2nd turn of this conference will be held in September 2018.

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The BDP Iran 2017 Conference Ended with Considerable Outcomes
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