The First Conference on Biopolymers and Disposables Kicked-off on Time

The First Conference on Biopolymers and Disposables Kicked-off on Time
The Q&A Panel of BDP Iran 2017

This morning, on October 31st, 2017, the first BDP Iran 2017 conference on bio-polymers and disposable products was held in Tehran. The conference started at the Hall of Fame of the Iranian Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, named after Dr. Ezatoolah Entezami, based on agenda at 9:00 o’clock. At the conference, there were a number of government officials, industry owners, factory owners, university professors and students and researchers in the field of polymeric materials.

After the opening ceremony, first, Mr. Abdol-Majid Latifi, the CEO of Pegah Yazd Company, and a member of the Board of Directors of the “Association of the Iranian Producers of Disposables” welcomed the audience and thanked them for their presence. He also critisized the officials for the problems of the manufacturing industries. After »atifi, engineer Ahmad Ali Saatnia who was in charge of designing and planning for the conference for three years silently, describing what was described as a major fraud in the creation of a fake polymer called “Plant Polymers” in Iran, he declared this fraudulent act was the main source of design and planning for the conference today.
The engineer, Saatnia, then referred to the defects of standard 14000 and the way they were issued, invited the audience to listen to scientific lectures.
With the announcement of the curriculum, Ms. Silva Farhangrzadeh announced the time for the speech of Dr. Soheil Samie, an Iranian researcher based in Austria, the managing director of the “Chemiekas Co.” based in Vienna and the inventor of “Ö5 Biokas” materials. Dr. Samie explaining the world market for biopolymer materials and the status and rules of the European Union, considered Iran a suitable country for entering this field. The speech presented by Dr. Soheil Samie having the title of “The Global Biopolymer Markets” was more than interested for the audience,

In the next speech, Dr. Samie again spoke in a paper titled “the Ö5 Biokas Materials” and the solutions to the production of bio’s in Iran. This speech was highly regarded by the audience and raised questions that responded to the afternoon session.

In the third speech, Dr. Rasool Urumieh, Director of Khatam Polymer Company and one of the researchers and famous professors of Polymer, interpreted the domestic and international standards related to the production of disposable products, admissible limits, materials migration, food standards and European standards, and the FDI requirements.




The fourth speech belonged to engineer Ahmad Ali Saatnia who, during a precise examination of the dangers of not using disposable containers, proved that “the use of disposable containers, that is, life, that is, the preservation of the environment”







In his speech, he provided proof of the magnitude of the consumption of drinking water for washing dishes and the large amount needed to provide basic detergents, which proved in countries like Iran that have drought, the use of containers that need to be washed, It is at the expense of society, the economy of the country and the environment.
In the program of the second part of the conference today, Dr. Hamid Garmabi, a professor at the Polytechnic University and a representative of the people of Neyshabur in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, who himself is an educated polymer chemist, describes the importance of plastics in packaging and how to deal with their waste.
Mr. Amir Ghasemi, from Parsa Polymer Sharif Company, presented a lecture titled “Thermoplastic Starch Mixture in the Packaging Industry” to introduce the company’s research. Finally, the latest presentation of today’s lectures were the presentation by Ms. Elham Zeinali on the term Bio-Polyethylene Biodegradable in an Industrial scale and Mr. Eng. Messiah Golkari, entitled “The Study of the Biodegradability of Polyethylene Oxidation,” was completed.
Upon completion of the lectures, the panel responded to the questions of the audience with the presence of the gentlemen Dr. Orumiyeh, Dr. Samie, Engineer Qamsey and Engineer Saatnia, which was also met with enthusiastic attendees.
The program will continue tomorrow.

The First Conference on Biopolymers and Disposables Kicked-off on Time
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