The First International Conference on “BioPolymers and Disposables” in Iran

The First International Conference on "BioPolymers and Disposables" in IranThe First International Conference on “BioPolymers and Disposables” in Iran: According to the latest news allowed to be published by this Portal as a special report, after more than a year of studying and investigation, a proposal from the “Saatnia Publishing House” for the “Association of the Iranian Producers of Disposables” (AIPOD) the “First Annual International ConEx of BioDisPlast Iran-2017” is organized and would be kicked off on Feb. 13th, 2017 in Tehran.

As explained by the international Secretariat of the Conference heading by Mr. A. A. Saatnia (also the CEO pf PIMI.IR Portal) and located in a separate office than the Secretariat for Iran: “This Conference and Exhibition is very well studied by our expert teams of editors and specialists after several negotiations with the AIPOD managers, the managers of the high ranking and large size companies and factories which are producers of standard disposable products as well as many expert media and industrial managers in Germany, Italy, Austria Hungary and UK”

Saatnia also said:”Production of disposables have been one of the oldest consumer productions in Iran but because of the lack of the new technologies in this field in our country, specially in view of the imposed sanction period, our industries in this field felt lack of latest developments mainly in production and technologies of BioPolymers”.

“Organizing an international conference in conjunction with an exhibition as the main side line of the conference was a demand for our industry and so, we, within the PIM and PIME teams felt its necessity and so started to propose such an event to the managers of the AIPOD Association” He added “Though they believed that such an event might not be successful due to our industries’ position at this field however, we insisted and forced them to do it. Not only as a trial and error, but bravely on the basis of an annual event in Iran”.

Now, according to the latest news from the Secretariat of the event for Iran, everything is ready to issue the first announcement of this event in Nov. 1st 2016 at the international level and in Nov. 5th for the local industries. The event will be two days conference and exhibition opened to the international active companies in this field worldwide.

PIMI Portal is proud of being the first announcement media in Iran and more news will be published on this subject very soon.

To read more about this event, please refer to the BDP Iran-2017 website by “Clicking Here“.

The First International Conference on “BioPolymers and Disposables” in Iran
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