The Iranian Winner of PYA Explains Iranian Economical Eco-System Weak

The Iranian Winner of PYA Explains Iranian Economical Eco-System WeakInterview: Dr. “Mehdi Jabraeili“, an entrepreneur and businessman of Iran, is an individual with diverse activities. This year, he received the Pioneer Youth Award (PYA)  from Vice President, Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, as well as being recognized and titled as the permanent face of industry, mining, and commerce.

When you enter into his office at the first you will see his wining awards, which show the perseverance of this young manager.  Dr. Jabraeili has published more than 30 books on entrepreneurship. In this report, he will be further acquainted with, and we will review the views of this genius in relation to Iran’s current economic situation.

What is a trader’s trait?

In fluent language, he, also chosen by “UNESCO” as a sample businessman answers our question about the correct behaviour  of a successful businessman, speaking  with tangible examples said:” Our Iranian ancestors were not stranger with trading and its methods. We are adjacent to the Silk Road and the Iranian people are familiar with commerce and trading, but what matters to a businessman is to consider how to deal with each situation, as we change our clothing style by changing our climate to make the situation more desirable to our bodies, a businessman must adapt himself to the conditions in order to maximize his productivity.

Dr. Jabraeili believes that traders need to know the literature of the trade and the market so that they can find their roots in the market, increase their credibility in different or targeting markets and gain the confidence of other markets. This applies to domestic and foreign trades both.

Legislation, customs, banks, and higher education systems need to be reformed

The economy game in Iran is breathtaking;  it is almost uncanny for anybody to set up a company in Iran with its relatively long process and many paperwork needed. These complex and time-consuming trends at the start of the business frustrate many business owners. On the other hand, because of many sanctions, international banks do not enter into deals with Iranian people. Many custom traders face with unfair tariffs, the higher education system does not address the need for the labor market, and its laws and regulations are not transparent. All of these have weakened the economy of oue country.

Entrepreneurs like Dr. Jabraeili believe that reforming the Iranian banking system, transparency of law and the application of university education can contribute to the progress of the Iranian ecosystem.

Creating world-class executives

A combination of science and experience management, according to Dr. Jabraeili, it is better for us to update those who graduate in MBA and DBA through online courses at the world’s leading universities and then send them to countries such as Japan, Germany and the Netherlands to learn the real management system, Copy and execute in Iran.

The Iranian Winner of PYA Explains Iranian Economical Eco-System Weak
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