The New Management Board of AIPOD Elected Amid Attacks

The New Management Board of AIPOD Elected Amid AttacksOn Sat. May 22nd 2018,  the 6th floor hall of the “Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture” of Iran hosted the annual general assembly (second turn) of the Association of Iranian Producers of Disposables (AIPOD).

The announcement was scheduled to begin at 14:00, but with an hourly delay, as usual, the meeting began at about 15:00. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Al Agha, the Honorable Secretary of the Association, in the first place, presented a brief explanation to the audience about the first time evaluation of the Association based of professional method out of which the total points that was given to the Association was between 50-55%. He tried to make it clear that whay such a point has been recorded for the Association.

Then, Mr. Hamid Samadi, the head of the management board of AIPOD blamed the lack of participants of the members, though, they had been invited with a variety of methods, and called for more and more members to work for the promotion of the community. He said some of our friends outlined things that could not be addressed at their abscent, but it shows less attendance to the meetings. It seems that the friends after the end of that attack (ie, a ban on disposable dishes due to being carcinogens from the so-called mafia brokers of dsposable dishes) had no incentive to attend the assembly but members should know that this issue and the other problems have not yet come to an end, although we are working with different organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Standard Organization and … We are developing a new standard that is more complete than the previous standards and solves this issue once and for all.

The Board of Directors of AIPOD then responded to some personal attacks to the management board and called some of them unfair. He expressed his point of view that we are doing community affairs in our personal offices and using our own workforce to pay less for the association, asking colleagues and classmates to make their criticisms fairer.

Engineer Hamid Samadi said that the work here is a team work and that nobody wants other members to be more active with the board of directors of the association and other members of the forum than to strengthen the status of the association in the Iranian chamber. He called one of the ways to increase the number of members of the association, is that each member tries to invite another member.

After processing of the formalities for such assemblies, the candidates were introduced,the votes were gathered and the new management board was elected for the next 2 years:

At the end, the following results were announced as the results of the election of the board of directors and inspector of the board of directors of the AIPOD association:

1. Mr. Hamid Samadi

2. Mr. Reza Khalaj (14 votes)

3. Mr. Mohammad Reza Lawei (13 votes)

4. Mr. Majid Latifi (11 votes)

5. Mr. Mohammad Samadi (10 votes)

Also, Hamid Sadghi and Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi were elected as members of the main and the reserved inspector of the association.

In the election of the Inspector, when the votes of Mr. Mohammad Yazdanpanah and Mr. Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Nik (each with 7 votes) were equalized, Mr. Yazdan Panah ignored the competition in favor of Mr. Mehdi Hosseini Nik, and Mr. Mehdi Hosseini Nick was also elected as the Inspector of the Association.

After the end of the election, Mr. Saatnia (the CEO of PIMI Portal) talked about recent foreign exchange issues, and then announced the potential of this industry (disposable tableware) for export, to help them use their full potential.

Then Dr. Soheil Samie, the Kemiekas managing director of Austria and the head of the scientific committee of the BDP Iran 2017 conference, spoke about technical issues related to the basic materials of this industry, and in particular biopolymers, one to four stars. He, who has a research and production company in Austria, positively evaluated Europe’s support for the achievement, hoping that Europe would achieve many of its benefits in order to make Iran interesting. He then referred to the collaboration with the NPC for the preparation of biomaterials for the disposable industry and other industries based on a variety of materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, etc. for technical and scientific assistance in connection with the provision of materials initial assurances were given to members of the association.

The New Management Board of AIPOD Elected Amid Attacks
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