Third Masterbatch & Compounding International Confex Kicked-Off Today

Third Masterbatch & Compounding International Confex Kicked-Off TodayThe opening ceremony of the third “International Conference and Exhibition, on Masterbatch and Compounds” (IMCPACONF) that was attended by a number of government officials and many private sector activists, kicked-off in Teheran today.

According to the website of the Plastics Industry Magazine  (PIM) today, Monday, Feb. 5th, 2018, the 3rd International Conference on Masterbatch and Compounds was inaugurated at the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI). After conventional formalities, Mr. Moaied, the conference conductor read out the conference and exhibition program and workshops.

At the ceremony, such names as Mr. Norouz Zadeh, the new Managing Director of NPC, Mr. Soltani, Iran’s Chamber of Commerce Deputy Chief, Mr. Mohtashamipour, the head of the PDID office of NPC and Mr. Biouk Sahaf Amin, President of the Iran National Plastics Association and Secretary of the “Association of Producers of PE Pipes & Fittings” had attended together with a number of indsutrialists, few university professors, and students. The seats for the pioneers in the masterbatch production in Iran, also the organizer of the first international masterbatch conference in Iran was totalty filled with some new comers no one knows!

Dr. Pedram Soltani was the first speaker of the opening ceremoney. He made his remarks with the theme “The role of expanding downstream industries in development of the country’s industries” by standing behind the platform. “We have 3 times more of the raw material we export to the world than the imports from the world, which is not in the best interest of the domestic industry,” he said in a speech, criticizing the impending imports. He then began to probe to the downstream petrochemical industries in order to defened the possibilities of job creation by these industries. He said that: “Every one million tons of polymer products produced by petrochemicals that are consumed inside can create jobs for 35,000 people across the country.”

The next speaker was the chair of the PDID Office of NPC which delivered lectures on “Solutions for supporting Petrochemical Downstream Industries”. Engineer Mohtashamipour called for cooperation between petrochemicals and converting industries to provide technical knowledge. He spoke also about a supporting package to support the Petrochemical Downstream Industries, and spoke to the audience for details, and then addressed to Dr. Soltani, in a satire language: “Of course it is against some of Dr. Soltani’s demands and best wishes”. He spoke in a fairly fair statement regarding petrochemicals and added: “You usually have flocks of petrochemicals, which send their largest production to the domestic market and supply the needs of the downstream industries, and your critique is addressed to petrochemical companies by claiming that they are supplying  only 2% of their products for domestic market and the rest of it to the world, but this is not the case. He referred to the Shazand Petrochemical Company, saying that this PC unit supplies more than 80% of its products in the domestic market, yet there are a lot of protests over its operations.

Next speech delivered by Dr. Sarkar, the head of the Nano Technology Specialty Office, pointing. “The Role of New Technologies in the Development of Business Units.” In his words, he expressed optimism about supplying the domestic market with modern technology companies and said: “This market will be fulfilled by domestic companies, and we are not worried about this.” He added: “Our vision is global and export-oriented, and I think a good future awaits firms that use modern technologies in their products.”

He added, “Companies that can not update themselves with nanotechnology tools will not be able to survive in this area long enough and will soon be excluded from the competition market”

The next speaker of the opening ceremony was Ms. Kimiyaei the head of the petrochemical department of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, that presented a report on the amount of production and consumption of polymer and petrochemicals in the first nine months of 1396.


As the last speaker, Mr. Sahaf Amin took the stage. His topic was “Supply problems for petrochemical downstream industries”. He underlined the impact of yesterday’s press briefing, which elaborated on the exact issue of the problem. Also, once again pointing to the distribution of raw materials, and then, referring to the slogan of the year, stated: In the downstream sector, the potential for job creation is more than 5 times higher than the upstream industries but unfortunately, this potential is not used.

The opening ceremoney ended for the lunch and the official program started to go ahead later.

Tomorrow wil be the 2nd day of the conference and PIMI will have a briefing tomorrow night.


Third Masterbatch & Compounding International Confex Kicked-Off Today
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