Truly Awarded Companies and the Others

Truly Awarded Companies and the Others
Truly Awarded Companies and the Others

During the last two days of “IranPlast 2016” the managers of the Exhibition were also too busy with the official dispensation of the Statues and Honorable Mentions to the best exhibitors of the 10th IranPlast Show.

The official presentations were organized to be held in each exhibitor’s stand, one by one. However, due to lack of published and/or dispatched official statements covering these events (before or after), and even without any notification to many media representatives being ready at the fairground to cover the side events, “PIMI Editorial Team” had to rely on the “Photo Albums” published at the official website of the organizer:

The photos show that among the companies which were awarded by the Organizer as the “Best Furnished Exhibitors“, few names could be mentioned as the “Truly Awarded Companies”. The reason to the judgment is that apart from basic participation’s huge costs, those expenses involved in decoration’s design and construction of the stands are basically very high in Iran in comparison with other countries.

In this regard and on the basis of the Iranian exhibitors’ histories; Their foundation, capital investments, being paid or subsidized by other sources (ex: the agencies of the foreign companies) and the effects of the last 10 years’ economical recessions in Iran (especially during the sanction period), some of the awarded companies are those which really have devoted a lot for their participation at an Exhibition that was also under the threats of the protesting companies.

One of these companies is “HAMPAR”  a dazzling name and a company that devotes more than a lot for its expositions and for the media support. “HAMPAR“, on the basis of our data banks, is one of the few really private companies among all the exhibitors (if not the ONLY) that is always supporting all special media in the field and the only Iranian exclusive agent of a foreign company (HAMPAR is in partnership & under license of Baerlocher GmbH, Germany) which its name is always at the top.

Make the report shorter, “HAMPAR” was one of the awarded companies which was a real competent and qualified company to receive such an appreciation award. For the rest, please “Click Here“.

Photos show Mr. M. Ashtari the CEO of the “HAMPAR” Co. at the time of receiving the award presented to him by, Mrs. N. Khalili the Secretariat of the Exhibition and Mr. M. Maghareh, the Exhibition Manager at the company’s stand (Hall 8).

Photos belong to the NPC, Public Relations Office.

Truly Awarded Companies and the Others
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