US$ Exchange Value Decrease Compromised New Polymer Base Prices

US$ Exchange Value Decrease Compromised New Polymer Base Prices

Today Sunday, August 12th, 2018, the PDID Office of NPC, announced, like other Sundays, the release of the polymers base prices for the next week’s trading at IME hall.

This week, all commodities and grades faced with downward prices. Many commodities fell by 4.7% which is in fact almost the same as the US$ value decline percentage from 44,088 to 42,000 Rls. Some other commodities even fell below the base price, while others fell in price and dropped further. Does this mean the return to the traditional formula by the PDID Office? The answer is yes. It was anticipated that prices would fall below the base price this week, because a sharp drop of Rials 2000 in US$ value and this would compensate for the higher world prices of polymers.

For a short analysis the  film grade of HDPE got the most downgrading price by 4.8%, and became cheaper by Rls. 2703 per Kg.

Subsequently, a large number of polymers with 4.7% drop in their base price, took second place in the table with the highest reductions in the market price downturn. Among it, there are a variety of grades of PVC, rotational PE, HDPE, PP, HDPE extrusion grade (PE 100, PE 80 and EX3), and textile type of PP.

LLDPE took the third place in price decreases as the largest among others. The commodity faced 4.4% decline in its base price, and the price fell by about Rls. 2200/Kg. reaching to 47.724 Rials/Kg.

On the other hand, the lowest reduction recorded for EPS by 1.4% for grades EPS 200, 300 and 400. After EPS, PET grades decreased by 3.3% in comparison to the last week’s base price of the same material. By now the PET price range is Rls. 56.200 to 60.060 / Kg. Though the free market prices for PET have a great margin of Rls. 200.000.

Other goods also fell between 3.3 and 4.1%. The following table shows today’s announced prices and its comparison with last week (Click Here)

CommodityAug. 5th


Aug. 12th




Change %
US$ Value4408842000-2088– 4.7
EPS 200 / 30066317+ 0.6
EPS 40064440+ 0.6
GPS 154064745+ 1.3
HDPE Blowing (BL3 / 0035)5653953861-2678– 4.7
HDPE Extrusion (EX3/PE80)6187158941-2930– 4.7
HDPE Extrusion (PE100)6264159674-2967– 4.7
HDPE Film (X5 / F7000)56380536777-2703– 4.8
HDPE Injection (HI500 / 52518)4911646790-2336– 4.7
HDPE Rotational (3840)5126248834-2428– 4.7
HIPS 72407650073571-2929-3.8
LDPE Film (190 / 020 / 0075)5179749803-1994– 3.8
LLDPE 209AA4991547724-2191– 4.4
PET Bottle G7815990957936-1973– 3.3
PET Bottle G7855819456277-1917– 3.3
PET Bottle G8216273060664-2066– 3.3
PET Bottle G8256096058952-2008– 3.3
PP Inj. (MR 230)6151558602-2913– 4.7
PP Textile (R552 / Z30S)5525552638-2617– 4.7
PVC  S70544587243699-2173– 4.7
PVC S574587243699-2173– 4.7
PVC S604507442939-2135– 4.7
PVC S654188339899-1984– 4.7
SBR Bright 150279.71676491-3225-4.0
US$ Exchange Value Decrease Compromised New Polymer Base Prices
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