Victims of Foreboding, Negligence and ِDiscredit May Never Be Found

Victims of Foreboding, Negligence and ِDiscredit May Never Be FoundToday, Sun. Jan. 15th 2018, the head of the Iranian team for the Iranian vessel’s accident at the East China Sea officially announced and confirmed the death of all crew members of the Sanchi oil tanker. The news was broadcast through a phone call to the victims’ family members waiting for a little more hopeful news, by the Iranian Minister of the Labour (Dr. Ali Rabiei) from Shanghai when he was deeply crying for the victims.

The Sanchi’s horrible story, alike a hostage keeping event, was followed by tens of news agencies around the world, whereas in Iran, the IRIB preferred to remain silent or less violent about the accident. Though this approach has now made many victim families’ very angry that has resulted in loud opposition. The PIMI’s editorial team is thinking that many of our viewers have already read the story from different news sources, but what the may look for it is an analysis. We go through it conservatively.

The IRIB’s silence, at least at the first 3-4 days of the accident was doubtful enough to alert independent journalists like us. When the IRIB started to broadcast the news like a sub-headline, it was even too late for the main official Iranian news source. Because, the may be victimized marines’ families had already interviewed with the foreign news agencies and their own country’s official news agencies were behind them. The oil tanker was still burning and officials, here in Iran, were still consulting each other. Finally when one of the family members, a very brave Iranian female being the spouse of the vessel’s captain, appeared in a live TV3 morning  show, the Iranian Labour Minister was in his way to Shanghai (China).

At the time that the Iranian Government’s envoy landed in Shanghai many knew that the time is over and none of the crew could have been alive. So the social media started to suppose many questions;

1- Is it possible that the vessel was ahead to the N. Korea?

2- Could it have been an intentional accident?

3- Why the Iranian Government started its activities so late?

4- Why the Chinese didn’t accept discharging of that very very inflammable cargo into the East China Sea and let the fire and flames burn all the Iranian crew members, also the two Bangladeshi?

5- Why China, Japan and other neighbouring countries didn’t act on time and professionally with the accident?

Also an endless list f other questions.

Now, after the official announcement of the death toll of all the crew members of the Sanchi vessel, several people believe that up to the time of discovery of the victim’s bodies and having  an approved registration list of the victims, the insurance claiming process will remain intact, and so, they believe that:

May be the bodies of the victims of the foreboding, negligence and ِdiscredit of the Iranian Government may never be found!




Victims of Foreboding, Negligence and ِDiscredit May Never Be Found
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