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Weekly Enews 27.01.2016-02 Weekly Enews 27.01.2016-03-Extrusion

Weekly eNews is part of the giant P & R portal of “CPRJ International“. To reach to this part of this portal you have a small bottom at the upper right hand side of the website and by clicking on it, you will be transferred to the main page of this portal. (following photo)

CPRJ Week;y eNews 27.01.2016-01 Then you have a selection of technologies to chose including; Extrusion, Injection, Blow Moulding, Auxiliary, Mold, Hot Runner, Screw and Chemicals.

Pushing each bottom will bring you a classified by calendar menu (Above left) which you can chose whatever news based on a specific date, and the go ahead to the ocean of P & R News by CPRJ International.

Weekly eNews by CPRJ International

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