When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016

When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016
When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016

Today, at inauguration ceremony of IranPlast 2016, one of the amazing events happened: A very well known industrial figures jumped over the stage and started to shout at the Oil and Industry (IMT) Minister for their roles on weakening of the Iranian industries and in their speeches claim that they industry has been developing in Iran.

Amir M. Shirazian, the founder and the CEO of a giant film manufacturing company, was the one who vandalized the speech of the 1st Vice President of Iran. Shirazian said that: “When the foreign materials suppliers are ready to allocate financial credits to us, our NPC company doesn’t give a one penny credit to the Iranian producers.”

When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016
When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016

Shirazian Speech 01-01

This event, really rare in Iran received a quick feedback and many media started to publish the story. PIME.IR the Farsi Portal of PIM was the first media that published the news.

The inauguration ceremony, opened by the welcoming address of Ms. Marzieh Shahdaei the NPC Managing Director, when she reported:

Iran’s annual capacity for production of polymers is at 7.4 million tons which will amount to 12 mt by the end of the 6th five-year development plan (2016-2021).

“The Exhibition is one of the most outstanding events in petrochemical industry of the regions and even in the world”. She said, and then added that: “Kurdistan, Mahabad and Lorestan polyethylene plants are expected to come on-stream by the end of the current Iranian calendar year to March 20, adding that the plants will add 1.2 mt of production capacity to the country’s annual output”

Oil Minister 01 At his turn, M.R.Nematzadeh the Iranian Minister of “Industry, Mines and Trade” welcomed the foreign guests and hopes that the Event will be fruitful for all participants.

The Oil Minister was the third speaker of the ceremony. On his staging, Bijan Namdar Zanagneh, siad:

“The 10th Iran Plast fair is being held at a time that sanctions are lifted and Iran’s petroleum industry is about to implement the policies of the Economy of Resistance as instructed by the Supreme Leader”

“Curbing sale of crude oil and completing value chain in downstream industries with the aim of generating value added is arguably the most important clause of the Economy of Resistance,” he said and added:

“The first leap in Iran’s petrochemical sector took place in the 90s under the Reformists’ administration”

Back then, Iran’s petrochemical output valued at about a billion dollars which has climbed to over $20b per year which is expected to double in less than five years provided that the country launches several of the major petrochemical projects it has at hand by investing at least $50b in the sector, he said.

He said Iran is in a suitable state regarding supply of gas as petrochemical feed stock, adding the country can also supply enough ethane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to the plants as it has launched major gas projects for example in South Pars gas field, which can supply up to 14 million tons of LPG per year.

“I, hereby, invite all foreign investors to joint downstream and midstream projects in Iran’s petrochemical industry,” he said and added that: “The Ministry of Petroleum offers special support for methanol to Propylene projects” Confirming his views by saying: “”We are interested to form 6 or 7 petrochemical hubs for conversion of natural gas to Propylene across the country with the cooperation of private sector investors.”

After, the Oil Minister it was the turn for the 1st Vice President of Iran, when one of the named Iranian industrialist too k the stage before him and started to loud on what the latter two ministers had claimed over the Iranian industries’ development. At the best of our knowledge, the Oil Minister has received him safely and has promissed to cure the problem of raw materials for the Iranian products producers.

When Industry Jumps Over an Exhibition A3 April 2016
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