Will France Total Deal with Iran Turn to Rouhani Defeat?

Will France Total Deal with Iran Turn to Rouhani Defeat?

When the news about the 5b$ deal of the French company “TOTAL” announced, part of the nation faced with a shock. The right groups in Iran started to criticize the President Rouhani and some other praised his after JCOPA success.

However, some anti-President groups and individuals, went further than critiques and started to call the President act on signing the agreement with TOTAL, a treason to the country. Not only these very serious speeches and articles against the President published and broadcasted in Iran, but also, several official news agency even prohibited to publish the photos of President Rouhani with the French executive.

At the same time, many media in the world, looked at the scene with special attention. Some like “The Atlantic” just published the news by intact titles like “Iran Signs a $5 Billion Energy Deal With France’s Total” and some like “The New York Times” showed her frustration over the deal by titles like “Total Signs Deal With Iran, Exposing It to Big Risks and Rewards” and doubted about its validity and victory. Also some others were convinced by the analysis of the news, like “CNBC” that published the title:”What Total’s $4.8 billion investment means for Iran“.

Faced with the loud critiques, the Iranian media (except those who are under the umbrella of the strong groups) tried to be conservative. The Iranian news agency Iran publiahed the news like this:

“Ministry of Petroleum on Tuesday quoted Shahdaie as saying, “In case of a final agreement, Total will invest up to two billion dollars in Iran’s petrochemical industries.”

Outlining talks between National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran and French Total Company for establishment of new petchem facilities in Iran, Shahdaie said based on the latest talks, the petrochemical facilities will operate with the capacity to yield about 2.2 million tons of petrochemical and polymer products annually.
She announced that for the time being, agreement has been reached for establishment of two facilities for production of a special grade of polyethylene, each facility running with 500,000 tons annual production capacity.
Shahdaie added that furthermore, agreement has been reached for construction of a cracker ethane facility to turn ethane into ethylene – 1,200,000 tons a year production capacity.
The NPC top official said the most important specification of contract with Total and its likely partnership in petrochemical projects is transfer technology for production of a special kind of polyethylene in Iran. (Read the rest from the SOURCE” and brought it down to ministerial levels, and some tried to be as conservative as possible.

Whatever it is, the President showed at his last day of presidency in the first run, that there has been some changes after the “JCOPA” and so he is attached to his promises to the nation. But, will this deal end to the defeat of the President at the 2nd run from tomorrow? We doubt about it here at PIMI Portal.

Will France Total Deal with Iran Turn to Rouhani Defeat?
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