Will Iran be the Graveyard of the World’s Old PC Technologies?

Will Iran be the Graveyard of the World's PC Industry?Will Iran be the Graveyard of the World’s Old PC Technologies? : It might be very glorious when you can’t find an empty chair in the greatest hall of the “IRIB International Conference Centre and you have to stand and look around to find one!. This means that the organizers have had a great success in their planing and have touched the goals; at least the goals that the main bodies have had in their minds. Of course, for those who are the annual audiences of the event, such a scene is absolutely normal and expectable. This was not the first time, as it was the 13th edition of the “IPF” series and the very professional team of “IICIC” for years have been witnessing such huge gatherings and loud welcoming and good-byes for the next year. But is this the whole story or the event by itself and hundreds of related headlines are only the visible faces of the series of the events which should turn the Iranian wealth into a magnificent cemetery of the world’s petrochemical memorial park of the old technologies, instead of the “Iranian Petrochemical Technological Park”? At this news / article we try to be fair.

Two news agencies related to the Petroleum Ministry were the main sources of the news coverage of the two days IPF Conference: “NIPNA” and “SHANA“. Both news agencies were responsible for broadcasting of the “Might be published news” whereas other journalists walking around to find  eye-catching and exceptional news, usually were free to publish the selected news or even news paid for (a friendly accepted custom during last 3 decades by many of the youth freelance journalists who can’t tolerate a very high expense of life plus other negative effects of broadcasting the truth.)

In this regard, we at PIMI editorial team think that, whereas finding news about such important events are very easy by few seconds of searches so our best value job could be reflexing the truth also some analysis.

As far as the IPF is concerned and usually signed agreements show, none of the signed agreement (at any level) sounds for high-tech transfer to the Iranian’s really great petrochemical yards. No one speaks about engineering plastics, neither anyone can hear negotiations about technologies for conversion of wastes to higher value added items. In fact, it seems that the oil and gas reservoirs in the middle-east, and mainly Iran, should finally be used for a historical graveyard of the old petrochemical technology memorial park.

Now let’s have a look at the promotional headlines of the “OIL” related news agencies:

The headlines published by NIPNA were:

German Chemical Giant Keen on Investing in Iran: Official

NPC Ready to Broker Axens Partnership with Iran Petchem Firms: CEO

PRTC Inks HoA with Polymer Research Giant Norner

IPF Instrumental in Absorbing Foreign Investment: CEO

2nd Petchem Leap Nearing: Min.

Iran Petchem Exports to Hit 25mt by Mach 2018

Iran Eyes 72mt/y Petchem Yield by Yearend

IPF-2017 Kicks off in Tehran

IPF-2017 Greater than Ever

And the headlines that “SHANA” picked-up for the event were:

PRTC Inks HoA with Norner for PP Development

Iran Ready to Supply Georgia with Natural Gas: Veep

Iran to Start Gas Export to Georgia by Late May

New Discoveries May Improve Iran Rank in Holding Oil Reserves

Iran Potent to Influence Gas Market by Fresh Investment: GECF

Iran Eyes 25mt/y of Petchem Exports by Year-end

Sanctions not Retroactive–No Worries for Investors in Iran: Official

Iran Unrivaled in Petchem Feedstock Supply: Min.

IPF-2017 Held with 76 Foreign Int’l Firms in Attendance

IPF-2017 Kicks off in Tehran


Will Iran be the Graveyard of the World’s Old PC Technologies?
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