Would The KraussMaffei Night in Tehran be the Others’ Nightmare?

Would The KraussMaffei Night in Tehran be the Others' Nightmare?

Will The KraussMaffei Night in Tehran be the Others’ Nightmare?: Soon after Iran’s Nuclear Deal (mostly known as “JCOPA”) the flow of delegates from European, and Asian countries showed a great international interest to the Iranian potential markets.

For the first half of 2016, Italian, German and British delegates sent the highest number of delegates and trade people to Iran. Though, this excitement became cooler for a while, but some companies continued their efforts.

As far as the plastics and rubber sectors are concerned, some German and Italian companies were at the focal points of some Iranian entrepreneurs which were looking for agency agreements and / or joint ventures.

KraussMaffei was one of those most interested German companies for Iranians and many of them tried to have a share of it. However during discussions of the Iranians with representative of the KruassMaffei company during the VDMA delegate’s trip to Iran (7-8 Dec. 2015) none of the negotiators knew that the KM itself is also in negotiation with Chinese to transfer one of the most famous German brand names to Chinese. This happened later and this proudly German company sold to a Chinese Financing Holding: ChemChina. (Ref: PIMI)


On Tuesday Aug. 28th, Tehran was the host of two parts of the KruassMaffei: The “extrusion business” in one venue and the rest of it for plastics & rubber part at the Spinas Palace Hotel of Tehran. The latter ceremony hosted by “Yarijanian” Family and their new company “Karan Sima Fam” was a glorious ceremony for exchanging of the agreements between Hervick Yarijanian and Klaus Bange of KraussMaffei as the photos show.

Other stories will be published in few days.

Tonight, Tehran was the night of KraussMaffei, but could it be the nightmare for others?

Would The KraussMaffei Night in Tehran be the Others’ Nightmare?
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