WSJ Says; Trump Wastes No Time Going to Battle

WSJ Says; Trump Wastes No Time Going to Battle

WSJ Says; Trump Wastes No Time Going to Battle: The US new president’s battle has started from his first full working day in White House together with his amazing administration. In this regard and in view of his apparent battle with media, that of “The Wall Street Journal” is, at laest, more readable than others from the viewpoint of our editors. In an article written by “Gerald F. Seib” WSJ says:

The ancient Chinese warrior philosopher Sun Tzu advised leaders to pick their fights carefully: “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle,” he wrote.
This doesn’t appear to be the approach of the new president, Donald Trump, and his nascent administration. He already has chosen to go to battle with the entire Washington establishment, with the news media and with the leader of the Democratic opposition in Congress. And that was all before Monday, the administration’s declared first full day of work.
“I’m not sure that President Trump is picking new fights as much as he is continuing the old one, without intermission,” said Republican consultant and pollster Alex Castellanos. “He’s enjoying no honeymoon because there has been no marriage. He declared war against the Washington establishment during the campaign. To Washington’s unending surprise, President Trump actually meant what he said.”
The question is whether the pugilistic approach actually benefits the new president and his team. Why, for example, did they choose to extend a petty and distracting weekend fight with the media about the size of the crowd at his inaugural ceremony—a fight that only ensured that more attention was paid to the question than would have been the case otherwise? The choice was particularly odd because the available evidence, including simple visual evidence, showed their argument that the crowd he drew topped that of his predecessor was simply wrong.
In a nutshell, though, the opening days suggest an administration that seeks to be defined as much by the fights it wages as specific initiatives it pushes.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally and confidant, compares Mr. Trump in this regard to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose time in power was marked by a ceaseless battle against socialism and her opponents on the left.

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WSJ Says; Trump Wastes No Time Going to Battle
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