Your Iranian Agent Can’t be Wrong Choice With No-Answer Call

Your Iranian Agent Can't be Wrong Choice With No-Answer CallIf you have any agent in Iran (Tehran an some other nearby provinces at North, North West and North East of Iran) and had a “No Answer” phone call within last two days to him, please don’t think that something is wrong with your agent. It is wrong with a heavy snowfall and a country that has still a lot to be completed with the necessary infrastructure even at the Capital City of Tehran.

Yesterday, on Sunday, February 8, 1396, there were rumors that the polymer products were not being loaded from the Tehran warehouses, thus, in the free market of polymer materials, despite the announcement of the prices of basic polymer products by the PDID Office of  NPC and increasing the prices (Please Click Here). No demand declred and no proposals were made by traders and brokers, and the market was in a relative recorded low profile!

Today, however, with yesterday’s announcement that the south of Tehran’s warehouses were closed, and as a result no polymer materials were loaded and unloaded, the recession continued and the volume of trading was sharply reduced. According to one of the industrialists in touch with PIMI, he has not even been able to purchase his supply needed for production of an emergency product even at a rate far higher than the official figure proposed by the PDID or higher than the last available free market price. .

At such a situation a question is raised: Indeed, while in a city like Tehran with a population of about 15 millions, as the capital of a country that claims to be in the first place in many points in the region, a simple snowfall should go to a disaster for people and industry so what can one say about the other parts of Iran with more lack of infrastructures? A day before even most ordinary people knew that a snowfall is on the way, didn’t the Tehran’s Municipality know about it? If not, woe to us! And if it was informed, why has not thought about how to deal with it?Why, no one but the craftsmen should always have compensate for the sharp decline in supply due to events, now being a snowfall, that leads to an unbelievable increase in prices? Why should only some exclusive brokers sell the materials and deliver it? Why the importation of materials are not allowed freely?, And why should the workshops and factories be shut down due to lack of supplies of raw materials (of course at a very high prices)!

This website is not a critical or a popular news analysis, but we had to mention the crisis just in case if a foreign company (eventually being a subscriber or viewer of this portal) has phoned to his agent in Iran and has not received any answer.

Your agents in Iran are right enough to work with you, but the natural crisis are the natural crisis and happen in the world. Thanks for your attention.


Your Iranian Agent Can’t be Wrong Choice With No-Answer Call
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