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Year 2019: Q1 – Q2

Year 2019: Q3 – Q4

Explanation about this sector

Starting from March 21 st 2019 (1st day of the new Iranian year of 1398) you will find the weekly base prices of the polymer market of Iran and the short analysis of its previous week. These prices are categorized on the basis of the week numbers, linked to the page of the same week’s price and market analysis.

After the decision of the Government for distribution of the Iranian produced polymers via the stock exchange (IME), a committee under supervision of the “Petrochemical Downstream Industries Development” (PDID) office of NPC became responsible for weekly pricing of the those materials that are in shortage or have a high competition in the market. This office announces the prices each Sunday almost at 11:00 am because of the factors that are effective on the prices. The main mission and struggle of the PDID pricing committee is to prevent the growth of domestic black markets and/or smuggling of the materials to neighbouring countries including: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. Though, its mission has never been accomplished. The effective factors on prices are: 1) US$ official value at the Iranian FOREX market; 2) US$ value at the international market; 3) The average official US$ value on last Saturday and Sunday morning; 4) The average free market price of polymers; 5) The level of competition for some attractive materials; 6) The seasonal demands for some materials; 7) The general domestic’s economical and political conditions and finally some behind the curtain and secret orders from the “Supreme National Security Council” (SNSC).

Irrespective of all the above factors, sometimes the PDID office decides based on unknown dilemma for price announcements, so that it can control the market and almost make it impossible for the market manipulators’ price predictions. The price announcements, also, sometimes are done for 2 to 3 weeks due to calendar or sudden holidays or vacations.

PIMI is explaining all of these in order to convince the reders that any out of disciplinary reports are not the faults of our team and analysts.

The prices are normally shown, from Sundays to Saturdays (the weekly trade period in Iran). There are no trading on Fridays.


Year 2019 : Q1 – Q2

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