Three Winning Cards are the Main Features of this Edition of Iranplast

Three Winning Cards are the Main Features of this Edition of IranplastCountdown to the 11th IranPlast Exhibition has begun, with the launch of this year’s fair, which has brought three golden winners  cards for the country’s petrochemical downstream industry activists.
According to the news headquarter of the 11th International IranPlast Exhibition, in comparison to the previous 10 editions, the 11th IranPlast, has three unique features, which will definitely lead to the development of the quality and quantity of the petrochemicals’ complementary industries of petrochemical, polymers and plastics converters in Iran.
The first and most important feature of the 11th IranPlast Exhibition is the post “JCOPA” period, and the abolition of sanctions is the best opportunity for the purchase and transfer of new technical know-how and new technologies to the country’s petrochemical industries.

Post “JCOPA” atmosphere has also contributed to increasing the participation of internationally acclaimed companies at the 11th IranPlast Expo, so that the number of foreign companies in this period has reached a record of more than 500 exhibitors.
The 11th IranPlast Exhibition covers over 500 foreign companies from 23 countries. So far countries including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, India, Serbia, Italy, South Korea, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey, Taiwan, China, Japan and the UAE have confirmed their participation.
Increasing the number of foreign companies along with post “JCOPA” conditions is the golden opportunity to transfer knowledge and exploit advanced technologies to expand export markets and attract foreign investors. 
During this period, the country’s petrochemical downstream industry activists will be able to utilize 8.4 million tons of polymer production capacity which also will be increase to more than 20 million tons, based on the 1404 horizons, as an important advantage for quantitative and qualitative development of value chains in the petrochemical industry.

Inauguration ceremony started an hour ago

“Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, the Oil Minister, said this morning in the opening ceremony of the 11th IranPlast International Exhibition, that: “During the last period of this exhibition, I had given promises for the opening of several petrochemical projects, fortunately, in the year 95 (2016) and early this year, Those projects came into operation and added huge capacity to the industry.

According to him, petrochemicals of Lorestan, Urmia, Mahabad, Marvdasht, Karun, Phase 2 of Persepolis Petrochemical Complex, Kurdistan, Pearl, Phase 2 of Kavian Petrochemicals, and Persepolis Asalouyeh, were among the plans that benefited in 1395 and early this year. The Minister of Oil recalled: In 2016, three polyethylene units belonging to the “West Polyethylene Line” opened with a total capacity of one million tons.

The record breaking of the world’s plastics merchants trip to Tehran

According to the official reports of the NPC, along with increasing external participation and post “JCOPA” conditions, planning for the presence of the world’s commercial and economical companies should be the second unique feature of the 11th IranPlast Exhibition, and in coordination with the secretariat and the Press headquarters of this year’s exhibition, at least 230 active merchants and businessmen in polymer and plastics industries from more than 20 countries have been finalized to visit the fair. Existing statistics to date shows merchants from 20 countries including Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Ghana, Kenya, Italy, France, Belgium, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Canada have attended to the Eleventh IranPlast Exhibition.
Yet more news to be published.
Three Winning Cards are the Main Features of this Edition of Iranplast
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