SONGWON Names Connell Brothers Company its Exclusive Distributor

SONGWON Names Connell Brothers Company its Exclusive DistributorAccording to a press release directly received; SONGWON names Connell Brothers Company its exclusive distributor for fuel and lubricant additives in China.

Ulsan, South Korea – August 02, 2018 – SONGWON has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Connell Bros. ‒ the largest marketer & distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients in the Asia-Pacific region. This further extends the relationship between the two companies, SONGWON having appointed Connell Bros. as its exclusive distributor in India in 2018. Under the terms of the agreement, which takes effect in August, Connell Bros. will be exclusively responsible for marketing and distributing SONGWON’s fuel and lubricant additives, which include aminic, phenolic, phosphite and thioester antioxidants, throughout China.

“This agreement will help us further expand our already strong presence and set the foundation for further growth in China, which is a very important region for us,” explained Olivier Keiser, Leader BU Lube Additives. He added: “We are delighted that such a highly qualified and knowledgeable company will be representing us in China. With its unparalleled experience and well-established network in the region, Connell Bros. is ideally qualified to provide our customers with the services they require. We are convinced that SONGWON will soon be benefiting from an even stronger presence in the Chinese market.”

Connell Bros. will showcase SONGWON’s fuels and lubricants additives range at the Chinese Interlubric Conference in Shanghai, China in November.

About Songwon:

The interconnected ring formation symbolizes unity, our links to customers and the power of working together to create innovative solutions that enhance human life. It also highlights the connected, multi-disciplinary nature of our organization, as well as SONGWON’s team of global talents with multiple perspectives driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and inspired by a common goal. Symbolizing a promising and prosperous life, the ellipse indicates a sense of movement, our expansion and SONGWON’s continual pursuit of success and excellence in research and development.

The color blue is associated with integrity, stability and strength and we feel it truly captures the essence of our company. Traditionally, it has also become a key color for the fields of science, technology and engineering. The symbol’s shape is similar to a chemical structure and some people even say it looks like a pine tree from above. However, for everyone at SONGWON it represents everything we value, what we stand for and who we are.


SONGWON Names Connell Brothers Company its Exclusive Distributor
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