Ambassadors, Ministers and MP’s Visits Shadowed Fair Productivity

Ambassadors, Ministers and MP's Visits Shadowed Fair ProductivityOpening ceremony of an exhibition in Iran, usually, is more important than its content, space, exhibitors and so on. Then, it stands for the later visits of the special and high ranking people from the exhibition. Today, the 3rd day of IranPlast Fair, was prominently the day of visits by several Ambassadors, Ministers and MP’s to the fair. The official welcoming and back secorts of these people imposed it shadow over the third day of the fair.

First things first:

The first obstreperous visit made by the new ITM Minister (Mohammad Shariatmadari) just after less than 2 months in the position. His arrival was too noisy because of the habits of bureaucrats trying to gain the heart of the new Minister. Speaking with the reporters upon arrival at the hall 8, he said: ” Petrochemicals have been able to turn raw materials into high value added products and therefore should be grateful to all the industrialists in the industry. Petrochemicals that guarantee the future of the country’s industries.

He added: “Despite the growth of upstream petrochemical industries due to investment constraints, downstream industries, in comparison with that, had little progress, with some of the upstream industrial output being exported to other countries. We hope that these products will be introduced through knowledge-based companies into the economic activities of the downstream petrochemical industries of the private sector, and will be used, with the help of the National Development Assistance Fund and government support, on the basis of regulations for job creation and added value for raw materials.”

He also added: ” The petrochemical’s downstream industry is the country’s industry most promising sector, and we hope that we can expand the ability of this sector technically and industrially to back-up the whole industry.”

Ambassadors of the Italy and the Armenia were the other two special persons who visited the fair. According to the official news headquarter of the exhibition,

IranPlast exhibits a great deal of appeal to ambassadors and businessmen due to its global credibility in the Middle East. In this regard, Ambassadors from both countries, Armenia and Italy, visited the IranPlast Exhibition on Tuesday Sept. 26th.
During the visits, Ambassadors of the mentioned countries were informed about the latest achievements of the Iranian petrochemical industry and emphasized the need for joint cooperation.
Other news sources, including PIMI reporters team have reported detailed visits of the Armenian Ambassador to the halls 8/9 and 38, where most high-tech products and services are exposed by the Armenian industrialist.

The PIMI corespondent at the fair also add:

Ambassadors, Ministers and MP's Visits Shadowed Fair ProductivityArmenian Ambassador to Iran (since 2015), Artashes Toumanian, told the PIMI correspondent that Iran and Armenia, as the two neighbouring countries, have a lot of platforms for cooperation and economic relations. Visitors to the IranPlast Exhibition have the opportunity to identify the necessary aspects for enhancing cooperation between the two countries in the field of plastics industry. Toumanian also added: ” It should be noted that the expansion of trade and economic interactions with international countries depends on the acquisition of information and awareness.”

Ambassadors, Ministers and MP's Visits Shadowed Fair ProductivityItalian Ambassador to Iran (since 2014), Mauro Conciatori, at his round trip to the hall 38 and 38b, had a visit to the Italian stands.

Ambassadors, Ministers and MP’s Visits Shadowed Fair Productivity

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