China: Principles Are Viewed at CHINAPLAS

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Few hours before the 30th anniversary of CHINAPLAS, PIMI has received some photos from the day prior to the start up of the Exhibition with a short note on it.

“We have just arrived to Shanghai and because of the permission of some Iranian companies that are representatives of the Chinese companies in Iran, we had a chance to visit the show, one day before its opening.

Everything is order here and we can see that how Chinese are imposing their work principles on their Exhibition. Many of us hope that any IranPlast organizer staffs would visit the show to see that how an exhibition is organized? We are witnessing that there are no challenges between the transportation people/units for the payments, and can see that, every penny that the exhibitors spend to furnish and to decorate their stands is legal, and not under the table and all the way carrying an official bill. Transportation individuals, heavy trucks and crane owners and companies, don’t cheat the foreigners and all of them have ready invoices with stable prices and no matter if you are Chinese or come from Brasilia. They are ding their job as per instructions and tariffs. They have friendly behaviour and if there is a minor or even a major problem, they try to find a solution rather than shouting on foreigners.

We have asked few Chinese exhibitors that, whether their any payments are legal and acceptable by the local tax rules and the tax officers, and we have heard that <Yes, all money that we pay, would be acceptable by the Chinese local tax offices and for sure is deductible from our tax bills>. This is the way that Chinese are more successful than us. They just work and don’t cheat or bribe”

PIMI Correspondent also has pointed to the high demand of disciplines and the orders of the latest construction works.

He (the PIMI correspondent) has also sent few photos from the latest hours before opening of the 30th edition of CHINAPLAS, this year in Shanghai. You may see some pre-Show photos here:


China: Principles Are Viewed at CHINAPLAS
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