CHINAPLAS 2017 with Strong Focus on End Users

CHINAPLAS 2017, Asia’s No. 1 and World’s No.2 plastics and rubber trade fair, is an end-user-oriented trade fair focusing on “Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions“.

In recent years, the percentage of plastics used in a car has become one of the essential measures for technological advancement. The automotive industry is increasingly incorporating various polymersespecially engineering plastics that offer key properties and performance benefits, such as low density, good melt flow rate, heat resistance and excellent noise dampening.

CHINAPLAS 2017 with Strong Focus on End Users
The automotive industry is increasingly incorporating various polymers – especially engineering plastics.

Materials with molded-in color, as well as carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and low-VOC resins have all become hot topics in the industry.

With the continuing development of electric vehicles, high-performance materials are finding use in charging piles and interior circuit controls of vehicles. CHINAPLAS 2017 will offer international visitors plenty of examples of the latest in these types of materials and applications. Exhibitors also will be showing the latest in laser processing technology and automated, integrated production line.

Lightweight, flexible, durable and easy-to-ship plastics also are extensively used in building and construction today. Considering the demands on aesthetic appearance and utility, experts in this industry are exploring applications for all types of advanced materials, from liquid crystal polymers and nano-materials to modified graphene EPS. Examples of all such materials are expected to be on prominent display at CHINAPLAS 2017.

Certain modified plastics offer excellent biocompatibility and have to drive the medical industry’s rapid development. At CHINAPLAS 2017, suppliers of healthcare materials such as silicone rubber, bio-safe resins, and new polymers that offer good resistance to gamma rays will all be on show.

The medical industry also has been an enthusiastic adopter of 3D printing equipment/technology and of wearable technology. CHINAPLAS 2017 will launch a “3D Technology Subzone” offering the latest in additive manufacturing technologies, equipment, and materials. It is a must-see zone for experts from the medical and other industries.

Environmentally friendly packaging is a global hot topic when talking about sustainable development. The packaging industry tends to adopt lightweight, thin films, degradable materials, and package constructions that resist water, oxygen, air and ultraviolet rays. Exhibitors at the show will be displaying examples of all such materials for the packaging industry.

In addition, packaging related machinery and automation equipment will be center stage, to include injection molding and extrusion technologies that deliver high-barrier end products, automatic detection equipment, and multi layer film technology.

The electrical and electronics industries are always seeking higher-performance, lightweight materials that offer excellent toughness and mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and good insulating properties. As a result, engineering plastics are becoming the material of choice for this sector.

With end users requesting more from these products, the materials chosen need to be multifunctional, to include antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, good resistance to heat and cold, high elasticity, and even fingerprint resistance. Visitors to the fair can expect to find a full range of such multifunctional polymers on display.

CHINAPLAS 2017 will take place from May 16-19 in Guangzhou, China.

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CHINAPLAS 2017 with Strong Focus on End Users

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