Excusive conference at K 2016

KI GROUP POLYMER SUMMIT: Feedstock supply: What does the future hold for Europe? Shale gas, the US, Iran and speciality materials / Excusive conference at “K 2016”

 Excusive conference at K 2016Last year’s polyolefin supply crisis exposed the European processing industry’s dependence on imports, uncovering the negative side of this relationship. Since then, many processes once taken for granted have been questioned, and the safety of raw material supply has become one of the key concerns of Europe’s plastics industry.

What opportunities are offered by shale gas exploration in the UK? What impact will new US production facilities have on Europe? How many and what materials will Iran be capable of delivering in the future? What impact will the decision in favour of “Brexit” mean for the European trade markets? And what opportunities does the rising shift towards customised speciality materials hold?These questions will be addressed in the second session of the “KI Group Polymer Summit”, which kicks off at 14:00 on 20 October, as part of the “K 2016” fair in Düsseldorf / Germany. Presentations will be given by key management representatives and experts from Ineos, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Aspen Global Solutions, Kingfa, Plastribution, PolyOne and A. Schulman. The session follows a separate set of presentations given in the morning, and is focused on the current state of Sino-European relations (for details, see Plasteurope.com of 21.09.2016).

The conference will be held in English. Participation is free of charge. With a limited number of seats available, we recommend that you pre-register for the event. For registration and details, please visit www.ki-group.de/k2016-summit

“KI Group – Polymer Summit K 2016” flyer and registration form as a PDF file

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Excusive conference at K 2016
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