Gupta Verlag; The history of a great publishing house

Dr. Heinz Gupta021

Dr. Heinz Gupta at the last K’2013 “Meet the Press” event

Photo: Courtesy of the “K Press Office

It is highly possible that in a near future, there will be a close cooperation between “Saatnia Publishing House” and “Dr. Gupta Verlag”. To respect such a cooperation in advance, especially because of a long time friendship of the CEO of this portal (A. A. Saatnia) with Dr. Heinz Gupta and his passed away son: Farank Ananda Gupta, we have decided to have a short news about a great publishing company in Germany: Dr. Gupta Verlag.


Gupta Verlag”  is a publishing house with several interesting media sectors. The focal point of this – may be- the most credible and famous German publisher is the  polymer industry. This publishing company, has been founded by Dr. Heinz Bijou Prosad Gupta (born 1932 in Calcutta) in July 1993.  His son, chemist “Frank Ananda Gupta” worked from the beginning as editor and technical director for his father’s publishing house. Dr. Gupta Verlag is a privately held family business.

Frank Ananda Gupta02

Frank Ananda Gupta (19.11.1963 – 11.08.2012) eight years after this photo he passed away and

made a lot of his reader’s sad (photo: K’ Journalists’ Trips by the “K” show with the CEO of this portal at the back row)

Since March 1948 the magazine was an important source of information for and within the rubber industry. The magazine was intended for the technician, the engineer and chemist. It has always been the editors’ endeavor to process objectively and scientifically sound information to a format that can easily be utilized by practitioners and quickly be used for decision making.

This is how it should remain even after almost 46 years but complemented by very special editorials! The aim was to intensively report on raw materials, machinery, products, processes and their scientific backgrounds, while still paying attention to relevant economic and legal news.

After the establishment of the publishing house in 1993 the first GAK Gummi – Fasern – Kunststoffe was released in January 1994 at Dr. Gupta Verlag.

In 2006 the portfolio was extended with an English edition of the GAK – The RFP Rubber – Fibres – Plastics and in 2010 with the RFP for China, the Chinese-language edition.

Dr. Gupta is continuously determined to improve the image of the industry, whose prosperity is so important to him. For his outstanding achievements in research, technology and economy and as a thank you for this tireless commitment he was awarded in 2006 the Medal of the German Rubber Society (DKG e.V.).

In 2014, Dr. Ernst Debie took over the editorship of GAK and RFP.

While launching the new PU Magazine at the K 2001 – a new journal by Dr. Gupta Verlag for the polyurethane industry – Dipl. Chem. Frank Ananda Gupta assumed the responsibility for the new project. With his commitment, wealth of ideas, expertise and special sensitivity for topics and people he established in the following years the magazine as the technical reference journal for the polyurethane industry. His sometimes provocative, sometimes thoughtful, but always highly entertaining editorials were legendary.

With particular passion and combined with unlimited willingness to travel, he pushed the internationalization of the magazine and launched in 2004 with PU Magazine International a very successful English-language edition, in 2010 the Chinese edition PU Magazine for China followed.

The death of Frank Ananda Gupta in the summer of 2012 was a tragic loss for all. But thanks to the large support of the entire team, the commitment by Angela Austin, the joining of his sister Dipl. Heilpäd. Indira Gupta, M. A., and especially the trusting support of customers, the popular PU Magazine continues to globally spread.

Angela Austin, who in previous years, both professionally and personally at the side of Frank Ananda Gupta, took over the position as chief editor after his death, which she passed on in summer 2014 due to personal reasons to Dr. Wolfgang Friederichs.

Over the years a new material called for more and more space, so that in 2009 the world’s only magazine for TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) was launched. Today’s editor in chief of the TPE Magazine International is Dr. Stephanie Waschbüsch.

Gupta Verlag; The history of a great publishing house
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