Homareashtan of Iran Awarded the RAL SKZ Certificate of Germany

Homareashtan of Iran Awarded the RAL SKZ Certificate of GermanyGermany’s RAL SKZ Certificate awarded to Homareashtan of Iran. Since a decade ago the use of uPVC windows and doors started to grow up very fast in a market that the energy prices started to raise fast and annually. To save the energies, once upon a time very cheap in Iran, one of the solutions were the use of uPVC windows and doors. This was the reason for huge investments at this sector and many new arrivals to the production market had to offer the best quality/price wise products and “Homareshtan” was the one that grew fast technically.

On the occasion of receiving one of the most reliable certificates at the PVC windows and doors section, by Homareshtan, the online media of “NCUP” knows as Petronn made an interview with Mohsen Safaei the Managing Director of Homareshtan Industrial Group. Mohsen Safaei an engineer and wll knows in his career explained to the news people;

* Germany’s RAL standard is recognized as the most reliable standard for plastics window profiles around the world.
* Their quality (RAL) is the most important standard that the manufacturers of the uPVC profiles can achieve. This certificate is provided to companies whose products are in accordance with the requirements of GKFP and in terms of quality and strength within the standard range of RAL GZ 716-1.

* Quality tests by the SKZ Germany, that is one of the world’s largest quality auditing agencies on profiles, is endorsed by the company JKFP.

* This related certification to the production of uPVC profiles, called RAL GZ 716-1,  is undoubtedly the most stringent and most complete standard in the world at present in the industry.

*  The Homareshatn industrial group, as one of the oldest companies in the field of production of the plastics window profiles in Iran, has always been strived to maintain the quality level of its products according to the international standards.

* To confirm this and achieve the global quality, our uPVC  window profiles have successfully passed the necessary tests and audits for plastics window profiles based on the highest levels of quality requirements in this field, RAL GZ 716A . The result, finally has proudly been the wining of this certification, which ensures the quality of our profiles. 

Company profile of Homareshtan Industrial Group (HIG) 
In an effort to anticipate crises, optimally utilize national capital, standardize the construction industries and optimize fuel consumption, Homareshtan Industrial Group (HIG), with over 20 years of experience in producing all kinds of plastic products, attempted to carry out a development plan in 2005 to transfer technical knowledge and UPVC-profile manufacturing machinery for building modern doors and windows. The machinery and equipment in this project have been supplied and installed by world prestigious manufactures namely Krauss Maffei (Germany) and Greiner (Austria). The current capacity of production lines totals 5,000 tons per year, which amounted to 15,000 tons per year under the new development plan deployed in an area of 50,000 square meters.
Being a member of Standard Profile Development Committee, HIG has been committed to high quality receiving the first Certificate of Quality from Construction and Housing Research Center. HIG is now an authorized producer of UPVC profiles to be used in the manufacture of doors and windows under extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, HIG is the only Iranian holder of factory standards for UPVC profiles. Most recently, the company has been awarded Certificate 17025, which mainly serves to run permanent monitoring of product quality. Relying on its fully specialized laboratory equipment, HIG is capable of providing services in a modern accredited lab in the country. Owing to that advantage, the company has managed to earn the license of “Fellow Qualification Lab” from Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI). In this laboratory, a variety of tests are conducted such as impact, welding, welding resistance, thermal response, fragility, paint and light. HIG has been under permanent monitoring of Krauss Maffei (Germany) standard RAL-GZ716 with a permanent contract with the company, as well as a contract with the Iranian Construction and Housing Research Center. In addition to the quality certificates, the UPVC profiles produced by HIG offer a 25-year warranty and a 10-years insurance coverage.
History of UPVC window and door manufacturing in Iran 
The manufacture of UPVC windows and doors started in Europe in 1960s. Owing to multiple benefits of this type of windows, the UPVC doors and windows have become increasingly popular. Diversity in designs and colors, physical strength or resistance to different weather conditions, and recyclable features of PVC windows have tremendously transformed the industry.
uPVC history in Iran 
In the late ”50s, the first manufacturing plant was constructed for UPVC windows and doors. Although other manufacturing plants have ever since been constructed, there has been little compliance with modern technology and standards for various reasons. In fact, a great portion of profile in the assembly plants is supplied from foreign sourceses.
Homareashtan of Iran Awarded the RAL SKZ Certificate of Germany
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