Iran: Exports of Plastics Machinery to Iran .09 May 2016

Iran: Exports of Plastics Machinery to Iran .09 May 2016
Iran: Exports of Plastics Machinery to Iran .09 May 2016

Exports of Plastics Machinery to Iran are an important issue. Based on one of the plans of PIMI, we will try to verify the imports and exports of plastics & rubber processing machinery to Iran.

According to the latest news published and its verification with some involved official bodies, during the first Iranian Calendar month (March 21st- April 21st, 2016) a total amount of about 3.38 $m machinery has imported by Iranian trading companies in plastics processing machines.

Even there has been a lot of insist on high quality machines from Europe and other quality manufacturing countries, the China mainland is still the greatest exporter of many goods including the plastics processing machinery.

Among the above imported machines, the injection moulding machines with 1.800.000 US$ has the biggest share followed by blow  moulding machinery with an amount of 810.000 US$ share. Extruders remain at the 3rd level (due to high quality machines manufactured in Iran) by a stake of 770.000 US$.

Out of 1.8 $m of injection moulding machines, about 1.7$m of it has been imported from China mainland.

The blowing machines have been all imported from China, and out of 810.00 for extruders 90% of it have been imported from China and the rest from UAE, Turkey and Taiwan.

There are some important points which should be mentioned about the Iranian statistics over polymers processing machines:

1- These machines can’t ne smuggled into the country like cigars, cosmetics, foods and so on. They have to be declared and registered. This is a good point.

2- Many spare parts are accounted under the main categories. For example, many pumps, gear-pumps and screw & cylinders  are registered as a complete machine, because tariffs for a complete processing machine is higher than the spare parts. This is a negative point.

Pointing to the above points makes any observation of statistics very fine job.

Iran: Exports of Plastics Machinery to Iran .09 May 2016
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